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Information About My Novel "Ana's Stand"

Author Crystal S Kauffman
I am so excited! My first novel Ana's Stand will be out on Feb. 1st, 2015. I will need everyone's help to get the word out about my new novel. I will post the book cover, once it has been made available.

Ana's Stand will available in e-book format or paperback version. I am so thankful for everyone's help in promoting and purchasing this book, as it becomes available on Feb. 1st, 2015. Please share as much as you can and if you would like to on my Street Team, please add me as a friend me on Facebook and let me know. (XOXOXO)

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About Ana's Stand

This is an inspirational yet dramatic story about Ana, an African American teenage girl, who took a stand against school violence. Ana and her best friend Nikki felt completely helpless against the prejudice, racism, and bigotry that they were forced to endure. The teenagers reached out for help to stop the school violence, but the violence followed them home. Ana watched in horror as their teenaged racist white neighbor named Jason, struck Nikki with his car and drove off. 


Ana felt so helpless after she almost lost her best friend that day, as well as dealing with the emotional pain and the aftermath of the senseless incident. Nikki struggled to regain her independence, after the incident that changed her entire life. Ana decided to take a stand and create a program named SAVE US at school. This program inspired her classmates to make pledge against violence. Thanks to the adults that helped her, the club began to grow and soon the program was implemented into other schools in her town.

After some time, Nikki received a heartfelt letter from Jason, who is serving time in prison for the incident that changed her life forever. Jason asked Nikki to forgive him for his actions, as well as the pain he had caused her and her family. Nikki struggled with many types of emotions on whether to forgive him for what he did to her. In addition, Ana is faced with whether to forgive the person, who is responsible for her best friend’s pain and new struggles.   

    Let Ana inspire you to make your own stand against school violence!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rachel Rae: Pieces of Me


Reese Farris thought she had it all as a happily married woman until she discovered her husband’s recent infidelity. Bryce Farris naively believed that the grass was greener on the other side until he found out otherwise. Follow the story of Reese and Bryce as one tries to put together the pieces of a broken heart while the other tries to keep their life from falling apart. Pain. Deceit. Betrayal. No one said the game of love was fair.

Meet Rachel Rae

Available On Kindle

Buy your own copy today

Jessica Simmons: The Billionaire's Captive Mistress

When Michelle Ortiz was evicted from Dorian's life with no more than a pair of earrings and a shattered heart to show for it, she never expected she'd be looking into his face again. Yet here she was, begging for help. She only hoped she could keep one major secret from him...

Dorian Johnston was in constant control of his life. So when he ended his relationship with Michelle, he never thought in a million years he'd see her again. But she was crawling back to him, needing his help...and he was determined to have her once more, all of her, regardless of the cost...

Meet Jessica Simmons

Available on Kindle

Buy your copy today in paperback or e-book version.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Introducing Hellborne: How Do You Serve A Vessel?

"In Matt Harrill's latest, the bad guys refuse to die. Hell is breaking loose, and no one is safe. All in all, it makes for a damned fine tale!" David Farland, New York Times Bestselling Fantasy Author.

Heavily pregnant, Eva Scott finds herself challenged from all sides. Her husband Madden is not the man he was. Her mind is overburdened with the dreadful visions witnessed mere months before. Her new-found allies the ARC Council are prepared to turn against her unless she meets their demands.

Above all, Eva feels she is being led on a path by a powerful, faceless forces, almost within touching distance, always in the shadows.

Join Eva as she battles against time to uncover the answers and seeks to find a safe haven to deliver her baby.


Meet Matthew

Author Matthew Harrill's Kindle Page 

Book Excerpt

Eva screamed, and everybody in the room went silent.
In an instant, Madden was at her side. “Eva, what is it? What did you see?”
Beyond words, unsure of whether this was reality, and still smelling the stench of decayed flesh, Eva pointed at the window.
“There’s something out there,” warned Swanson, following her gaze.
Before anybody could stop him, Madden leapt to his feet, the force of his movement whipping the air past Eva’s face. Gila tried to shout a warning, but Madden was out of the door and round to the window in moments. He appeared at a distance, as if chasing something or somebody, but then stopped and turned back. Approaching the window he shrugged and mouthed the word ‘Nothing’.
“So two of you saw someone out there?” Madden asked when he re-entered the hall. He knelt next to Eva, holding her hand.
“There was somebody out there, peering in from the side when I heard Eva scream,” Swanson argued. “I stake my reputation on it. Eva, what did you see?”
Sure now that she was safe, Eva said, “Death. Fire. The end of this
place. I saw the Behemoth. It hungers for me.”

New Release by ZitrO Productions: Confessions of a Scorned Baby Mama

What do you do when you're fed up with your baby daddy? Angeleese Warner had finally reached a breaking point after discovering her man, Terrence’s dirty, little secret. Torn between trying to keep their relationship from going downhill, Angeleese is unsure if they’re destined for longevity.

When tragedy suddenly strikes, she’s left alone to pick up the pieces to her broken heart and keep it pushing. Will Angeleese ever meet a good man, or is she destined to keep returning to her comfort zone—her baby daddy?

Can Terrance make it work with Angeleese for the sake of their children? Or will a new woman in the horizon alter everyone’s plans?

Meet Author Marina J.

Buy you own copy of Author Marina J.'s Novel: Confessions of a Scorned Baby Mama

New Release from ZitrO Publications: The Heart of Justice

Childhood lovers, Justice and Rocky, shared a bond that seemed unbreakable until Rocky is suddenly locked up. The devastation from the loss leaves Justice feeling broken.

Enters Damien, a successful entrepreneur who seems to have it all but there’s just one thing he’s lacking—true love.

When faced with a heart wrenching decision, Justice is forced to come face to face with her past. The fight for her heart will lead to pain, jealousy, and insanity. But as they say, all is fair in love and war….. 

Author Jerrona Campbell Kindle Page

Buy your copy of "The Heart of Justice" in paper back or e-book version.

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Introducing Author Rachel Rae

Zitro Productions-Author

Rachel Rae is a new up and coming author with two freshly released books. Within 5 months both novels have been on the Amazon's Top 100 best sellers list.
She still resides in Houston Texas. She plans on continuing to be a hard worker, as well as a great mother. Rachel will also be writing more fantastic urban fiction novels.
She is a proud member of the ZitrO Publications Family

Hellbounce: Demons Don't Always Hide in the Dark

Hellbounce: The ARC Chronicles Part 1

As a psychologist in a prison hospital, Eva Ross had always dealt with her share of sinners. The corrupt, the insane, their minds were all hers to unlock.

But when those around her, those she trusted with her life start to exhibit the same characteristics, she is forced to turn to a stranger, a man whose name she is incapable of even remembering, for sanctuary. 

Follow Eva as she crosses continents to unlock the answers, and her eventual destiny. Hellbounce. 

Demons don't always hide in the dark

PS: I am currently reading this book and I love it! Look for my review soon.

Author Matthew Harrill Kindle Page 

Excerpt from the Book

"Eva woke to the sound of the television churning out early morning commercials. She sighed.
“Another morning, another hotel.” It seemed to her that since Worcester, she had lost all sense of identity. Not all of that had been because of the anonymity that radiated from Madden, but it had had an effect. With the revelations in her life, she had had no choice.
Throwing on some clothes, Eva opened the curtain and delighted in what Madden had promised would be a spectacular view. The Chattanooga National Park, dominated by the majestic Lookout Mountain lay in front of her. Forests at the base led to scrub and tree-laden slopes, with the grey behemoth dominating the middle. Even from this far away, it made Eva feel insignificant.

It was not the first time in the past few days she had felt that way. Since waking up in the shadow of Mount Rogers a few days ago, their travel had been bordered by mountains the whole way. Even when Madden had insisted they detour to stop at an old friend’s house in Knoxville, it turned out to be the grandest of mansions. Then the friend had insisted that despite Eva’s urgency, they take a trip into the Smoky Mountains. She could not avoid feeling small and out of control."

Places you can find Hellbounce now:

My Favorite Horror Author: Matthew Harrill

Horror Author Matthew W Harrill was born in Bristol in May 1976, during what was referred to in the United Kingdom as ‘that long hot summer’. Growing up in the town of Yate, he lived with his parents, sister and numerous pets, attending ‘The Ridge Junior School’.

At age 11, he was lucky enough to gain a place at Bristol Grammar School, a respected establishment in the city for over 450 years. Following the conclusion of his schooling, and picking up A-levels in Biology, Geography and Economics, he attended the University of Southampton where he received a 2:1 Honours Degree in Geology following three years study.

Matt has had various jobs over the years. Barkeep, labourer, cleaner, commercial motor insurer. The jobs that have become most important were the simple shop floor assistant at Tesco, since it is where he met his partner of 20 years (and wife of 11 years) Tricia, and the current job at Xerox where he has been implementing stock option and share plans for over a decade. The latter has allowed the bills to be paid so that he can write.

The writing began with a short story in 1999 that expanded continuously until it took on a life of its own and became ‘The Focus Stone’, book 1 of an Epic Fantasy series entitled ‘The Tome of Law’. A second book, ‘The Path of Dreams’ was completed and released, and then for various reasons, came a break in writing with the third installment ‘The Pages of Consequence’ only half finished (and set to remain so unless his publisher REALLY pesters him).

Matt currently lives in the town of Chipping Sodbury, on the edge of the Cotswold Hills, with his wife and 4 children.

If you love fiction and a good horror book, then look no further than Matthew's HellBounce and HellBorne.

Links to Find Matthew Harrill's Novels: 

Places you can find Hellbounce now:

Places you can find Hellborne now:

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Introducing Authoress Jessica Simmons

ZitrO Publications -Chief Editor

I'm Chief Editor at ZitrO Publications, I'm a mother of two, I have one book published (The Billionaire's Captive Mistress) and am currently working on two more.

I have lived in North Carolina all my life. I am Author Divine Ortiz and Nikki Ortiz's daughter.
I own my own baking business, Stressed Backwards, where I make everything from scratch. I offer thorough editing services, typing services, and anything else that is needed to create a fantastic novel.

My hobbies are singing, writing, baking, and cross-stitching. I love being crafty and creative, as well as being a part of the ZitrO Publications Family.

I'm a happy gal, who is trying to fill the world with beautiful words.

Meet Jessica Simmons

ZitrO Publications

Introducing Nikki Ortiz

ZitrO Publications VP of Graphics

Nichole Ortiz's title at ZitrO Publications is Vice President in charge of graphics. However, to her family and friends, Nikki is just doing something she loves!

 She enjoys using her creative and vivid imagination to create amazing conversation starters, She creates hot, erotic or urban fiction book covers for ZitrO Family Authors. A cool promotional ad or a jaw dropping video book trailer! 

ZitrO Graphics is a force to look out for as we take the urban literature industry by storm! Nikki is the wife of Divine Ortiz, CEO of ZitrO Publications, and a mother to Jessica (chief editor at ZitrO Publications), and Trayon. You can see our amazing video book trailers for some of ZitrO's great authors, as well as trailers we've produced for some other talented urban authors on our YouTube Page.

 ZitrO Publications

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Introducing Author Divine Six (AKA) Marina J

ZitrO Publications Head of Promotions

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Divine Six is also known as Marina J for her 2 very different and unique writing styles.

She is making a name for herself in the literary world in a big way. Her debut novel, Lady Vendetta, was published in June 2014 and became the first of many publications from her to come.

 Her latest novel, Confessions of a Scorned Baby Mama debuted in the top 5 of both the Amazon Bestseller list & Hot New Releases for urban fiction.

 Her other titles include: No B...itch In My Blood & Cliché, a collaboration with Shelli Marie that will be out January 20, 2015

If you haven't heard about her then it's by high time you did. If you wish to contact her you may do so on Facebook, Instagram (dsix_marinaj), Twitter (authoressdivine) and

She currently resides with her loving and supporting husband and children in Fayetteville, NC. She is a proud member of the ZitrO Publications Family.

My Novel Links:

 Buy a Copy Now

 Buy Your Copy Now

 ZitrO Publications

Introducing Author Jerrona Campbell

ZitrO Publications Author

As a child, Jerrona Campbell knew her love for literature went beyond the classroom. Growing up in a rural town in northern Louisiana, there wasn’t much to do. She used story writing as a means to escape the boredom of country living and this hobby eventually grew into a passion from childhood to adulthood.

After completing work for her bachelor's degree, she decided to take her dreams a step further and began work on her first novel. Two years later, she is the proud author of three novels

Residing in the great state of Texas, Jerrona is prepared to bring the heat of the Lone Star State through her urban literary works. 

She is proud family member of ZitrO Publications. Book Links Coming Soon!!!

 ZitrO Publications

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thrilled to be a Part of The ZitrO Publications Family!

ZitrO Publications Author 

Zitro cubeMy first novel Ana’s Stand is being published! I am so excited to be a part of the ZitrO Publications FamilyAs a part of a family, I will be introducing you to some fantastic authors and their novels. These authors will be part of the ZitrO Publications Family also. I will be reviewing their new novels, so look for my posts and please share.

I will keep you informed about new and upcoming novels, as well as other need to know information. These books will be Urban Fiction and there are many amazing books to choose from already. Please visit the ZitrO Publications website and check out the novels that are available now. Also, check out ZitrO Publications New Blog. Bear with us as we finish constructing it!

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Queen's Pawn Is A Fantastic Book

I started reading a fascinating historical book written by Christy English. The book discusses the life of Alais and Eleanor. The story is about kings, queens, princess, princes, and other royal family. 

The queen falls in love with Alais, who happens to be her ex-husband's daughter. Eleanor was once married to King Louis, but she is now married to King Henry II. Her son Richard (the Lion heart) is to be married to Alias, a princess of  France.

The lives of the Kings of England and France would forever be entwined together, because of the marriage of Richard and Alais. Eleanor the Queen loves Alais and sees her as her own daughter. 

Take time to read this book to learn how it ends. You will enjoy reading a piece of history and learning more about each character. On a scale from 1 (disliked) to 10 (Wonderful), I give this book a 10!

Christy English is a wonderful writer who allows the reader to see Eleanor's and Alias's point of views. This was fascinating to me and I am interested in reading more of her work. 

Thank you to my daughter for giving the book to me as a Christmas present. XOXO

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shenandoah from Happy Tribe

Shenandoah from Happy Tribe

Listen to “Shenandoah”for yourself.
A friend asked me to share his link, but I listened to it after I shared it. I found the song to be relaxing and nice to listen too. I enjoyed listening to the new song that he created, while also listening for the things that he asked me to listen for. I think he did a wonderful job in playing this song. Now, I would like to share it with my readers. Let me know what you think about this new song, which was played by one of my closest friends. Additionally, he has a list of more songs that he has composed, so take a moment to listen to them as well.

Statement from Happy Tribe/ Jan. 3, 2015: "Shenandoah", From "Let me Spin You A Song," a cycle of American songs. While Alan Lomax suggested that "Shenandoah" was a sea-shanty. Others suggest that it is of Native American origin, for it tells the tale of Sally, the daughter of the Indian Chief Shenandoah. She is courted for seven years, by a white Missouri river trader. I have attempted to "paint" the rolling waves into a simple string accompaniment. Listen for cross fades, terraced dynamics, and pans. I hope you will "like" and "share" this first song of my new cycle.- Happy Tribe

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sea Shepherd Gone to Far?

Today, my husband and I were watching Whale Wars on Animal Planet. I believe in protecting the whales and in what the conservation society does on most shows. I believe that whales should not be hunted and killed for any reason by the Japanese whaling fleet. I stand by the Sea Shepherd's oath to protect the whales and other sea life. However, do people literally have to die and do the ships have to be so violent against the Japanese whaling fleet?
In the show, " A Commander Rises Special" from Season 13, the Bob Barker put 47 lives in danger when Captain Peter H. decided to place his ship between two of the Japanese whaling fleet. Furthermore, the Captain Luis and crew on the Sam Simon were trying to stop the Japanese tanker from reaching the other ships in the Japanese fleet to refuel. The Sam Simon adverted an environmental disaster with the Japanese tanker ship, by backing off.
Unfortunately, Paul Watson acted as if the captain and crew were cowards, because they didn't do more to stop the refueling. He said they should be willing die to stop the whaling, but is that going to far? You tell me....

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bella- The Furbaby I Fostered This Year-2014

This is Bella Muller and she is about eight years old. She is a talker and my best friend for about a year. We kept her for a friend, due to them moving and needing a place for Bella to stay. She was a big part of me life this past year and I miss her a lot. I enjoyed my time spent with her. May she always have home to call home. I love you Bella and you will always have my heart! I will always remember the fun we had together. Monkey misses his surrogate mom and Gizmo misses his adopted sister.
Foster an Animal in 2015!
Let's work on give every animal a home. Feeding the feral animals.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Killa Karma-What Goes Around…By, Divine Ortiz

Killa Karma-What Goes Around…

Written By, Divine Ortiz

Published by ZitrO Publications

This is a fictional urban story is about how karma tends to come around and make you face your past sins. No matter how much you change in the future, your past sins will still come up and bite you as (Not sure of First name) Mr. Thompson (AKA) JT and his little gang learned. First, the gang of four killed seven people, due to a beef with a drug dealer and took over dealing drugs in that area. 

Unfortunately, six months later, Demitrius Harris (AKA) Meechi is released from prison and he goes on a killing spree to avenge the cold-blooded murder of his mother, brother, sister. JT and his gang killed Meechi’s family members, which Meechi learns from his best friend and he prepares for war. Now, armed with all the information he needs about the gangs and their loved ones. 

Meechi decides he has nothing to lose and he begins killing each person, one by one. Will he kill them all or will JT and his gang be able to stop him? Will the police catch up to Meechi before he is able to complete his plans for revenge?

Find out yourself by buying your copy now- Killa Karma- What Goes Around

Author Divine Ortiz has done a fantastic job in creating an urban story that is fictional but so real. I felt immersed and surrounded by the story, as I read further into the book. I found myself rooting for JT and his gang to stop the bloodshed caused by Meechi. The dialogue was spot on and it seemed as if you were actually talking to the characters. Mr. Ortiz did a wonderful job in writing this novel. I highly recommend this book for reading, but only if you are and adult and do not mind urban fiction with a little bit of everything in it. This is a fantastic book and I hope to read more of Mr. Ortiz’s work.

Thank you for reading my book review,

Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: More book reviews coming soon from several different authors. If you would like me to review your book, please contact me

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Memories: Random Acts Of Kindness

When asked what my favorite Christmas memory might be..The answer might astonish a few…

By, Suzie See- Guest Blogger

I was just shy of my 16th birthday and it was two days before Christmas, when fire raged through my family home and burned everything we owned -- including the Christmas tree and gifts. Now this may seem horrible for most as far as a memory, but waking up Christmas morning to the realization that material things can be replaced, but your family cannot be, is a lesson I will treasure for eternity. We were safe and alive!

On that Christmas morning, the article of the fire ran in the local paper and the doorbell to the friends home we were staying at began to ring - NONSTOP. Complete strangers were taking time away from their own holiday to bring clothing, food and even wrapped presents to me and my sisters.

A fond memory of this time was the private joke my sisters and I shared. Even back then, fashion was important to teens and we would tease one another and ask "where'd you get that shirt. Where'd you get those darling shoes". The pun was - we had no idea! Someone out of the goodness of their hearts gave us the clothing we wore, because we had lost everything. The fire raged in the middle of the night while we were sleeping.

 My sister escaped with a blanket wrapped around her. To have someone bring a pair of shoes was beyond my imagination, but folks did! I think this is why Random Acts of Kindness are so important to me. Because of these events, I do my best to honor those who opened their hearts to my family by doing my own small, random act of kindness.

Every Thanksgiving, I buy dozens upon dozens of roses and I then drive all over my neighborhood and give a single rose to anyone who had to work the holiday as opposed to being able to spend it with family. When I first started this years ago, there weren't that many places open. So many places are open now that my roses don't last as long as I would like, but I give as many as I can!

Squeeze your family and friends a little tighter this year. As one of my "family" members said this year, it's not about presents, but presence of family/friends together that counts.

Friday, December 5, 2014

I Am Watching You Mom and Dad!

I am watching you tear our city apart,
While, I pray for God to heal my broken heart.
Stop…You are burning down our favorite places to eat,
However, the news calls it “Protesting in the Streets.”
Fighting with police officers and destroying our town,
Will it find any justice for this “boy” named Michael Brown?
You told me that you are protesting to be treated fair,
Now, I see that you committing crimes against our town out there.
How can you call this a peaceful protest with all the violence today?
I am watching everyone, make extremely bad choices all along the way.
© 2014, Crystal S. Kauffman
PS: I support the fight for Civil Rights, but I do not support violence and criminal behavior. I decided to write a poem in the perspective seen by children, who are watching this happen all around them. Some are to young to understand what is happening and are being drug out to these protests. I have seen pictures in the media of young children on adults shoulders. while other adults are in heated exchanges with police officers. I think children should be at home with a sitter, if the parent wants to be part of the protest.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

An Urgent Plea: To Help One of My Closest Friends Lay Her Eldest Son to Rest. PLEASE READ!!!

My close friend since grade school, Jennifer Lunsford Bryan, lost her eldest son Anthony "Tony" Woods Jr. yesterday on 12/03/2014. She and I grew up together in the same neighborhood and had many of the same friends, as we grew up. I am asking for my friends and fans to help her in any way they can to help her lay her son to rest.  

Tony Jr. was an adult, so Jennifer did not have any life insurance coverage on him anymore. Honestly, Jennifer is a hard-working Dental Assistant and her Husband Charles, is a cable man who works very hard to support his growing family. Jennifer has several younger children and one on the way, which is a little boy and he is due this month or next. Tony Jr. leaves behind a full-blooded brother named Chris Woods. Furthermore, he leaves behind several half-siblings that will miss him very much.

Jennifer IS NOT asking for a handout, just enough help to lay Tony to rest or cremate him. Jennifer is requesting that you send only a small donation of $1 or $5, instead of flowers or cards at this time so they can use the donations to lay Tony to rest. Additionally, Jennifer is asking for time to grieve and she will reach out, whenever she is ready to do so.  

Funeral arrangements will be announced once they have be organized, but until the please keep this entire family Jennifer’s Family and Tony Wood’s Sr. family in your prayer, because they have suffered a significant loss. This was Jennifer’s and Tony’s Sr. eldest son, who may be gone but he shall never be forgotten. If you can help the family in any way, please PM or email me for any questions that you may have. I am in direct contact with Jennifer and can give you a timely answer.

As soon as the donation account has been made at a bank, I will edit and post the information here.

We all love you Jennifer and family!