Saturday, November 15, 2014

A True Mother's Love

A mother’s love is enduring
A mother’s love is unconditional
A mother’s love is kind
A mother’s love is gentle
A mother’s love is protective
A mother’s love is patient
A mother’s love is joyous
A mother’s love is humble
A mother’s love is confident
A mother’s love is a blessing
A mother’s love is comforting
A mother’s love is peaceful
A mother’s love is respectful
A mother’s love is fair
A mother’s love is everlasting

A mother’s love is not prideful
A mother’s love is not selfish
A mother’s love is non-judgmental
A mother’s love is not jealous
A mother’s love is not envious
A mother’s love is not spiteful
A mother’s love is not critical
A mother’s love is not angry
A mother’s love is not greedy
A mother’s love is not wrathful
A mother’s love is not hurtful
A mother’s love is not devastating
A mother’s love is not ridicule
A mother’s love is not divided

 By, Crystal S. Kauffman


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wings of Hope Project- Dec. 2014

Wings of Hope Project has started on November 1st, 2014. We will be giving out patient bags to the Shands Infusion Center for Women in Jacksonville, FL. After they are told they have cancer, the patients will receive one of our bags that will let them know that there is some out there that cares about them. Our goal is to make up 20 bags, so please take a moment and help us make someone day a little brighter.

We need small gifts:

Figurines (Angels are a big hit)
Homemade Bracelets
Small Bibles
Bookmarks (Positive Saying)
Journal or Diaries 
Stickers (positive stuff)
Small Day Calendar ( keep track of appointments for 2015)

Can you help us?
We will be giving them out the week before Christmas.
Thank you! 
Please email me for more

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dante- Part 1 is Finally Published!


This weekend only, to celebrate the long awaited release of Dante-Part 1, there is a sale on the entire series. All books are stand alone PNR with the exception of Dante as the story was too big to put out in one book. Dante- Part 2 is quickly following, don’t worry! (Part 1 is 140K words, roughly 400 pages) Even though they are stand alone, they should be read in order so you will understand the worlds that the author has created.

 <Angels, Demons, and Romance that will heat up your Kindle!>

Happy Reading Vixens!!!!!

Keltor should be read first, then Ratha- The Magic Within, and then Dante-Part 1. So, with that said, get your copy today and be sure to tell a friend. Indie Author Jennifer Sage has created wonderful worlds and characters in the Guardian Archives series that will come alive as your reading this sexy yet sensual book. Enjoy watching the soul stirring romances evolve between the characters, as each world builds in your imagination. This not your average paranormal romance, instead you will find that this book is different from any other book in this genre.

(WARNING: Mature audiences only!!!!! (18 and older only.)

Thank you for allowing me to share my favorite author Jennifer Sage with you!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Time to Have that Talk with Your Doctor!!!

My Experience

As a cancer survivor of stage 2B cervical cancer, I have several medical conditions including type 2 diabetes. Since I was diagnosed, I have learned how important it is to take your medicine as prescribed. I am currently taking two types of medications in pill form and two types of insulin. One type of insulin, I take every time I eat something and the other I take before bedtime. Unfortunately, I have struggled in keeping my numbers down to the correct target range.

Therefore, I will be seeing an Endocrinologist or diabetes specialist, as well as learning what I can and cannot eat. I know that more exercise and portion control will help me lower my sugar level. Sometimes, I will feel shaky and sweaty, if my sugar is too low or too high. I usually test my sugar and act according to whatever my results are at the time. My other medicines make me sleepy, so I tend to take a nap every day.

Once I was given insulin, I placed a note on my mini-refrigerator to remind myself to take all of my medications. Additionally, I set alarms on my cell phone to remind me when to eat and take my insulin. However, this month, I plan to discuss all of my medications with my doctor and see if I am still on the right medications to help me. Whenever, I am worried about my health, I visit or I call my doctor right away.

Advice for Diabetics

A type 1 or type 2 diabetic will have many questions for the doctor, so be sure to write down any questions that come to your mind. Take the list of questions to the doctor with you, but remember to write down side effects you may feel from your medications. Then, make a request for your doctor to send you to a nutritionist. The nutritionist can help you learn portion sizes and ways to avoid temptations that you will have each day.

Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits that you may experience with the medication, which has been prescribed to you. Make sure that you fully understand what your doctor is saying to you and ask about any drug reactions. Ask about drug reactions with over-the-counter medicines as well, like cough syrup or headache pills. This way, you avoid any unwanted reactions that can make you very sick or even kill you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Want Free E-Books? Then, Listen Up!

Do you like reading different kinds of e-books? Do you have a Kindle application on your computer, tablet, or smart-phone? If so, you are going to love this blog post! There are many ways to obtain free Kindle e-books, by independent authors. 

Personally, I love reading the free e-books by these talented individuals. In addition, you can meet them on Facebook or other social networking sites and give them an HONEST REVIEW of their book. They love hearing from their fans, so with that said, take a moment to review their e-book on Kindle as well. This way other readers may decide to read the author’s e-book based on your opinion.   

These talented authors may be looking to make their own mark in this fast-paced, yet exciting career. Their e-books can catch a reader’s attention, which can help their career explode into a best-selling novel. However, a poorly written book can end or break their new career. As a reader, you are able to let the author know your opinion of the story they have written.

Be gentle though, because some author’s work on their novel for many years and feel deeply connected to the characters. Once they independently publish their masterpiece, they begin looking for readers. If you are already a fan, you can help them by placing their book information and link in to groups and on pages that allow this kind of posting.

Authors of any kind are thrilled to know that they have one fan or many fans. They look at it as their devoted fans are reading their work and falling in love with their characters. Most authors will run a promotion, in order to reach more potential fans. Sometimes, their e-book will be free or offered for a reduced price. Therefore, take advantage of these deals and discover a new author today, which may become your favorite author.

Here are three pages or groups on Facebook to get you started. Additionally, once you are on Facebook, use the search engine to search for free e-books or similar keywords.

1.     Free Kindle Books Daily-

2.     Free Kindle Book Club-

3.     Book Junkies’ Club-

 PS: Copy/Paste if the link won't open by clicking on it.

Monday, October 6, 2014


This morning was lonely when I woke up, because Bella’s parents come to pick her up Saturday morning. After eight months of being her foster mom, I got used to the way that she talked to me each morning as I head to the bathroom. She would bark or howl to get my attention, but as soon as I said, “Good morning, Bella Girl!”

She would go nuts rubbing her face on my legs and wait for me to love on her. I admit, at first I was against fostering her while her parents got settled. But, with each passing day, week, and month…I began falling in love with her. One day, my girlfriend Laura brought up some temporary hair chalk a few months back and I gave Bella a purple mohawk. However, before I could get the picture, she rubbed up against me and the hairdo didn’t stay up.

Bella, I had no idea how attached I became to you, during the time that I helped my mom care for you. Furthermore, Monkey misses you too, because you became his surrogate mother, once I brought him home at eight weeks old. Now, who is going to protect him from Grumpy Ol’ Gizmo?

I am so glad you are home with your mom and dad, but this house is not the same without you. I miss your special way of talking to me and everyone. I will cherish every memory that we have made together and you will always have a special spot inside my heart. I do hope to see you again soon!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Diabetic Sponsor Needed Desperately

I love my doctor, but I need a Diabetes Sponsor! I need someone who takes insulin regularly. I need someone who has more experience, than I do on this matter. I want to change my life, but I am disabled and I live on a very tight budget. I need education, support, understanding, and most of all someone who can help me learn how to truly manage my diabetes Type 2. I am looking to do this privately and not have my business spread all over internet, so please don't contact unless you are totally sincere in helping me.

I have made a lot of changes, but they are not enough. I appreciate your help, whoever you may be. Also, I am not rich, so please be aware I cannot make recipes that I see on internet at this time. I have changed my portion sizes, but I get my A1C numbers down and then they go up again. I help others a lot with support for cancer but now I am reaching out for help with this health issue. I survived cancer 11 years ago and I KNOW that I can beat this.
So, with that said, I look forward to learning what you know.

PS: I am also checking out diabetic websites, but once we talk I will explain my food limitations.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Father's Love

This is so beautiful and whenever I seen it this morning on a friend’s Facebook post. All I could say was, “Wow!” I don’t know the story behind this family or how the child died. I can’t read the date of birth or date death for Matthew Stanford Robinson. I read that his father wanted his tombstone or headstone to depict that he wanted everyone to know that his son is, “free from his earthly burdens.” 

That is such a beautiful sentiment to me, because we all face different problems, issues, trials, and tribulations in our life. However, if we reach out as this child is shown to be doing, maybe we can find a way through these situations that bring us down. It is heartbreaking that he lost his son at such a young age, but to know he is no longer in pain or bound to a wheelchair. 

It just sets my heart on fire for God; because I know when my journey is over I won’t have to live in pain daily either. I can only say what an amazing father to do this for his beloved son and all should appreciate their lives as they are, because life could be worse. We all could be taking a dirt nap!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Tornado is Coming!

Rose was planning a surprise birthday party for her little sister Lily, who is turning four years old today. She had planned to throw the party after dinner tonight and had invited eight of her little friends. She invited her friends were from the small farming neighborhood that they live in, just inside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, Rose overheard the weatherman discussing the chances of strong thunderstorms for tonight.

Rose turned twelve years old four months ago and now she has been paying more attention to the news and weather. She teamed up with her mother, in order to get the living room decorated before the party guests begin arriving. Her mother helped her decorate the living room with pink and white party decorations, as well as setting up the gift table. Rose pulled her long blonde hair back into a pony tail and climbed living room furniture, so she could reach high enough to help string up the different colored pink streamers. Rose quickly hung the three foot homemade banner directly in center of the living room, by attaching it to the wooden ceiling fan blades.

She knew that the fan would be turned off for the party tonight. Rose had spent all week creating the special banner for her fun-loving, yet bratty little sister. Lily is her best friend and a little pest at times too, but either way Rose loved her little sister. Lily has long curly blonde hair; just like Rose with matching green eyes which sparkle like emeralds. About eight weeks ago, her mother gave birth to their baby sister named Orchid. She is so tiny and breakable, but Rose and Lily loved helping her mom tend to their sister whenever they had a chance too.     

She went to the mall and used her allowance to buy Lily’s special birthday gifts. She wrapped her gifts and let her mom put them with the rest of the family’s birthday gifts. Pink was Lily’s favorite color and she made sure everyone knew it. Literally, her entire wardrobe was different shades of pink and her bedroom was decorated with a light pink princess bed. The bed matches the dresser, the bedding set, the lamp, and the nightstand. She loves collecting porcelain dolls and stuffed animals, plus collecting fake pink roses.

She told her mom that the vase of different colored pink roses reminded her of her big sister Rose. This revelation made Rose smile, when she overheard Lily telling her mom about the meaning of the roses that she collected. Finally, dad came home from work at about 5:15 PM and the girls ran outside to meet him. After washing up, the family sat down to eat a special dinner and discuss the party coming up tonight at 6:30 PM.

“The weatherman says we may get some bad thunderstorms tonight, so we may need to shorten the party.” Dad said.

“For now we will keep the weather radio on and play it by ear, until we are sure what we should do.” Mom answered.

 “Okay, during the party, I will man the weather radio and keep you updated.”

“Alright, I am going to feed Orchid. Can you help Rose finish setting up for the party?” Mom asked.

Dad nodded with a smile. Time slipped by, while Rose and her Dad finished setting up the last minute party favors. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Rose left to open the door. Three kids from the 
Mullen’s family were standing at the front door with their mother.

“Please, come on in and make yourselves comfortable until the other guests arrive.” Rose said.

“Thanks, you three go find Lily. Rose, where is your mom?” Mrs. Mullen asked.

“She is feeding the baby in her room. I will show you the way.”

“Thank you, Rose!” Mrs. Mullen said.

Their dad let more kids in, until all the guest had arrived. Lily was playing in her room with the six girls and two boys that Rose had invited to her birthday party tonight. She was excited and Rose had to admit that she loved seeing Lily so happy. Finally, their mom came out of her room with Orchid in her arms and Mrs. Mullen right behind her. She yelled for everyone to join her in the living room and Lily came running in first with the others right behind her. However, their dad was in the kitchen listening to the weather radio, just in case they have a severe thunderstorm tonight.

To get the party started, their Mom led everyone in singing “Happy Birthday” to Lily, who was looking around a smiling at all the decorations. Rose could tell she was about to burst with excitement, especially once she saw that the gift table was full of different colored pink gift bags. Rose took over after they had finished singing and she had Lily sit down in a rocking chair next to the gift table. The other guests sat across from Lily on the couch and loveseat. Rose had Lily close her eyes and she handed her the first gift, which she opened the gift bag and pulled out a bright pink outfit from their mom and dad.

She continued letting Lily look into each gift bag to get out her new presents. Rose finally reached her two gifts that had been wrapped up, so Rose let her little sister unwrap the gifts. Lily was excited when she found necklace with a pink fairy in one box and a matching pair of earrings in the other box. After all the gifts were opened, everyone moved to the dining room and Rose’s dad asked her to come outside with him. Mrs. Mullen was serving cake and ice cream, so Rose joined her dad and mom outside. Rose was worried after she saw her dad opening up the storm shelter. He was putting supplies in the storm cellar.

“The weatherman has predicted severe thunderstorms with a tornado watch over this area. We need to get everyone down into the storm cellar now!” Dad said.

Her mom was going into the cellar with Orchid, while dad was running inside to get the rest of the supplies. Thankfully, her parents always kept food and lodging items in the storm cellar, so Rose knew they would be okay. After Orchid was born Rose put a small bassinet, diapers, and cleans bottles in the shelter.  

Rose ran straight to the dining room and let Mrs. Mullen know about the watch. She told her that she needed to help her dad gather supplies. Suddenly, a loud siren began sounding and Rose knew they all had to run to the storm cellar.  

“A tornado is coming! Follow me, as quickly as you can. We are going to the storm cellar outside.”

Everyone began running behind Rose and she led them to the storm cellar, but she immediately realized that Lily wasn’t behind her. She ran back in the house and she found Lily holding her ears and hiding behind the couch scared. Rose knew she had to get her to the shelter now, but she also knew Lily was afraid.

Rose grabbed her hands away from her ears and yelled, “Follow me to the storm cellar Lily. I will stay with you till it is over...I promise!”

The wind was strong after they got outside, but together they ran against the wind toward the storm cellar. Rose pushed Lily to run faster, so they can get to the storm cellar and safety quicker. Her dad rushed up the steps to help them inside, but the cellar door slammed shut on him. He tried his best to open the doors, when suddenly a gust of wind opened the door. Rose shoved Lily inside the cellar, which hurt her a little but Rose was worried they wouldn’t make it to the cellar in time.

A loud rumbling noise overtook the sirens and all Rose could hear was something that sounded that a freight train coming through. Now, Rose was worried she wouldn’t make it herself inside the cellar, when suddenly her dad grabbed her by the hand. He yanked her inside the cellar and yelled for every to get as far back into the cellar as they can. Lily climbed on top of roses lap and began crying, as her body trembled in fear. Rose tried to console her, but she was worried about her dad’s safety as well. 

He was still on the cellar’s steps struggling to shut the door, when gust of wind knocked him off the steps and into the cellar floor. The door slammed shut and he quickly ran back up the steps, in order to lock the doors and secure the cellar. Everyone was safe now, but Lily and her guest were still crying. The cellar door kept rumbling and shaking, which made Rose begin to worry. Without any warning, the cellar doors stopped making noises and the outside seemed quiet. The siren had stopped sounding and Rose overheard the weatherman on the radio talking about the F2 tornado that had touched in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area.

“Is the monster gone?” Lily asked.

I hugged Lily tightly and responded, “I think so…”

Rose watched as her dad opened the cellar door and he said, “Fortunately, our house had not been too badly damaged by the tornado. Come on, let’s go inside and get everyone settled for bed.”

Everyone followed their dad out of the cellar and into the house, where Mrs. Muller began cleaning everyone up. Rose helped Lily, while their Mom took Orchid inside and laid her down in her crib.
Rose went into shock, because couldn’t believe how close to danger she had came tonight. Lily tugged on her t-shirt and snapped her out of the daze she was in. She helped Lily and the five other girls get settled for the night, because there was no way that they would be going home tonight. Most of the roads will be closed, until the damaged has been accessed and cell phones weren’t working. 
Mrs. Mullen decided to let her three children lie down in the living room with her. Rose was about to get in the bed, when her father came in to say good night but instead he smiled proudly at her.

“You were so brave tonight Rose! You saved your sister’s life tonight, but you put yourself in danger.” Dad said.

Rose smiled and then stated, “I knew she was terrified of the monster that was coming, so I had to help her. One day, she will realize that what she is calling a monster….is actually a tornado! But, until then, I am her big sister and have to protect her."

“Good night…Our little hero!” Dad said with a proud smile and he turned the light off.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Introducing a Hot and Steamy New Book...."Chat Rooms and Chat Lines!"

Chat Rooms and Chat Lines
This story is hot. It is funny. It is serious.....and it is real! (For readers 18 and older only.)
Author Divine Ortiz’s book titled, “Chatrooms & Chatlines” is a book that is sexy, humorous, yet sensual all at the same time. This book is a wonderful read for adults only!

This book is more descriptive and detailed than most romance genre books that you may be used too. However, this book is for readers who like romance, humor, and sensual writing.

Additionally, it is for readers who love steamy moments and erotic bliss throughout the entire book.
 This talented author did an amazing job with showing the story, instead of telling it. He was able to create images in your mind, but he left room for you to let your own imagination run wild as well. 

This book is not to be considered a romance novel, because it reminded me of a popular book which I read recently named, “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. So, with that said, read at your own risk, yet I believe you will enjoy the book as much as I did.
I loved the book because you get to follow the main character as he tries to develop relationships along the way, but not all of his dates or hook-ups goes as planned. Check out his book on Amazon Kindle. 

(DISCLAIMER-This book for 18 years and older only, due to the sexual language and R-rated discussions found all throughout the book.)

The Author’s Snippet

"You have a message from......BEEEEEP!" Do you remember when the internet chat rooms were the place to be? The virtual world of internet dating chat rooms was where many went to get their freak on. Some chose the more direct route that was offered in the many by-the-minute phone chat lines that were advertised on BET after midnight, or on the back pages of the XXL magazine."

If you can remember those days, then you can surely relate to this story. Divine is new to Atlanta, and even though he doesn't know anyone, he knows from experience that the quickest way to meet women in any state is to jump in a chat room or to dial into a chat line. Travel with Divine as jumps in and out of chat rooms & chat lines......and relationships.

This story is hot. It is funny. It is serious.....and it is real!

Link to order your own copy:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Sis

My Twin and I
Matthew and Melody are fraternal twins, which were born to proud parents Joshua and Charity Wishman on Sept 17th. The gleaming parents were only expecting one child but eight minutes after Matthew was born. 

The doctor announced that she was having another baby, which was a beautiful baby girl. Both parents were doubly surprised at the second child’s birth, because they only planned for one child. The proud grandparents seen the babies and offered to go buy what the couple needed for the surprise delivery.

They share everything as they grew up, but sometimes they argued a lot and fought over things they didn’t want to share. As they grew into young children, both of the twins began trying to create their own identity. For years the parents heard the twins squabbling about not wanting to share a birthday anymore.  So, their parents let Matthew have the actual birthday and Charity got to pick her own date. She chose Oct. 28th and finally the twins stopped squabbling about sharing birthdays and became best of friends.

Charity was about five years old when she began collecting rocks and animals of all kinds, even the slimy yet icky ones. Her mom cringes every time she brings a new animal that she has found. When she was twelve years old, Charity had caught non-venomous snakes and different types of lizards. Matthew thought his sister was weird also, because she is always catching some kind of wild animal every day…even bugs!

Matthew didn’t say anything, but he knew she was the coolest little sister that anyone could have. He was surprised that she started began researching the animals around her area at seven years old, in order to learn more about the wildlife that she enjoys catching. Matthew was shocked when she began explaining that some wildlife was called venomous and some are called non-venomous animals.
Charity had no fear of wildlife, which privately Matthew and his parents worried about her getting bitten by a venomous animal. She told Matthew that when she gets older that she will work with wildlife. 

Matthew gave Charity a camera for her 14th birthday, so she can take pictures of the wildlife instead of catching them. However, she still caught animals and photographed them and then brought them home anyway.

Today, she came in will a huge bullfrog and she began begging her mom, “Can I keep it?”
Her mother said, “No, the bullfrog has a family that misses him, just as I would miss you if you just disappeared. So, take him back to where you found him, so he can find his family and you come back right away for supper.”

Charity nods and returns the bullfrog to his home at the pond, where she found him at. At first the frog, just sat there and seemed shocked to Charity. She picked him up and hugged him to say good bye to her bullfrog. Immediately, he jumped out her arms and she left a few tears out, as she watched him disappear. She heard someone walking up behind her and she wiped her tears away and turned to see Matthew.

“I’m sorry Sis. I know that…” Matthew said.
Charity cut him off, “You are not sorry, because you hate the things I catch.”
“What? I don’t like what you catch, but I do think it is awesome that you are brave enough to catch whatever animals you find. I bought you the camera, so you can take pictures to remember all the animal friends you have met. Plus, you’re my best friend and I don’t like when you are sad for any reason.” Matthew explained.
“Really…I didn’t know you felt that way. By the way, your only eight minutes older than me.” Charity replied.

They hugged and began heading home, but all of a sudden Charity bolts to the bushes next to the pond. She pops out of the bushes with a turtle and she gave her brother an extensive education about the turtle she was holding. He giggled to himself, because she looked so excited while talking about the turtle. However, her mood changed when she put the turtle back in the bushes.

“You really should find a way to work with wildlife, because you obvious know a lot about all types of nature’s animals. You light up when you are talking about wildlife and how they live, what they eat, and other neat facts about the animals.” Matthew said.

“Maybe, I could volunteer at the local zoo?” Charity answered.

They headed home and washed up for supper, yet Charity was so excited for some reason but her mom had no idea what she was excited about. They settled down to supper and finally their mom had to enquire about the secret between Matthew and Charity.

She asked both of them, “What is the secret you two have…Spill it?”

“I want to volunteer somewhere where I can work with wildlife.” Charity declared.
"Well, if you stop bring your friends home, I will help you find a good place for you to be a volunteer.”
“Deal….Thanks mom!” Charity agreed.

Later, Matthew search on the internet for different places, which can volunteer at and he wrote their information down. Charity was surprised when he handed her the list of wildlife sanctuary to call tomorrow.

“Thanks…I am surprised you did this for me.”Charity said.
“I will do anything for my courageous, yet weird little sister!” Matthew replied.

©2008, Crystal S. Kauffman

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diagnosed with a Severe UTI


Has anyone else experienced this? For months, I have been having issues my bladder. Unfortunately, my bladder always hurt from the cancer treatment 11 years ago. 

Plus, it is overactive and doesn't empty well. SO, I am always running to the bathroom.
 I went to my regular doctor on 8/5 and she gave me some antibiotics. After running test she confirmed that I had an UTI.  Once, I had completed those antibiotics, I still felt like something was wrong. My back near my kidneys heart and my bladder hurt really bad, especially when I went to bathroom.

Yesterday, I starting peeing blood and a lot of it. with blood clots. By the way, aggressive cervical cancer treatment took away my menstrual, so I knew that I wasn't just having monthly visitor. Immediately, I called my Aunt Donna and she advised calling the doctor, so I called and was told to go the ER. Well now, I am on another set of antibiotics and I truly hope this time it helps. Well, the ER doctor acted like it was no big deal, he even said it was common. I was stunned, but I made it through and I am still hurting a lot. I am so blessed it was not something life-threatening. 

I would love to hear your story or suggestions that may help me keep these UTI's at bay.? Next stop...Urologist I hope!

Copyright 2014, Crystal S. Kauffman

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Frog Fish

The sun has only been up for about two hours that Saturday morning, when the two brothers seen their mom DJ getting ready to leave. She called out to the boys, “Are you two ready yet? I have to go pick up my friend CJ today.”

“Not yet, can we go fishing in lake behind our house?” Jordan asked.

“Can we stay home, please? I am old enough now! Aiden responded.

“I won’t be back for an hour, because I have several errands to run today.”

 “Please, we won’t get into trouble. If Uncle Lee was here, we would be fishing already.” Aiden said.

Aiden was mad and decided to stomp away towards him room grumbling and gently closed the door. He knew his mom would lecture him about slamming doors. He hated disappointing his mom, because she is everything to him. With his dad gone away, he was all the boys had to lean on. He trusted her and she was his entire life. Uncle Lee was one of their mom’s three older brothers. The boys enjoyed going to different places with him and he enjoys their time together too. He loves spending time those boys, as if they are his very own children. His fiance loves spending time with the boys as well. He has a bubbly, sweet attitude, large build, short, dark brown wavy hair and brown eyes.  

“I know….However, he is working in Orlando, FL., but I am sure that he would rather be fishing too.” DJ said.

“I wish he was here.” Jordan stated.

“The roommate Ann will watch you until I return. I will think about whether you may go fishing or not…when I get back.”

The boys waited till their mom left and they both sat down together to devise a plan on how they could convince their mother to agree. They talked about singing a song for her, drawing a Gator or Jaguar’s picture. She is a sports fanatic and she is proud of it, both kids couldn’t decide on what to do. They decided to flip a coin but just as the coin hit the ground. Jordan realizes neither one of the boys had no finished anything yet.

So, they both agreed to help each other complete their chores, while waiting for their mom to return home. They both took off in different directions and the only sound being heard was things being put away. First, the boys began cleaning up their room and cleaning up their bathroom, while their mom left to pick up her friend and run the errands. The roommate woke up and walked out to the kitchen, but it was silent except for a crash in the boy’s room. She fixed herself a large cup of coffee and then went to check on the boys. Unfortunately, the Ann thought she would have to break up a fight between the boys; instead she was surprised at how well they were getting along and quickly cleaning up their room together. She sat at the kitchen and drank her coffee, while the boys finished up their chores.

Both boys finished putting their clothes away, cleaning up the bedside table, and organizing their closets. Then, they each checked under the bed for stray toys or clothes, because they knew their mom would check there first. Next, they both helped each other gather up their dirty clothes around the house and carried the hampers into the laundry room. The boys split up the trash duties, Aiden changed the trash bags in each room and Jordan took the trash out to the big trash can outside. Both of the boys both pulled the big trash can to the curb, since trash pick-up day is tomorrow anyway. As they were walking back from the curb, they noticed their mother’s truck turning on to their street. The boys eagerly helped their mother unload the minivan and also helped their mom put away the groceries. Each one waited patiently for DJ to notice what the boys had done for her, but she was distracted and talking to CJ.

The handsome boys faces were beaming and they literally looked like they were going to explode any minute. They didn't say it out loud, but they were proud of themselves for working together without fussing with each other. Hopefully, soon they both will be laid back on the lake bed trying to catch fish and having fun together.

“What are you two up too? DJ said.”

"We have something to show you.” Aiden responded.

“Close your eyes!” Jordan said calmly as he guided his mom throughout the house. Their mom waited until they gave her permission to open her eyes. She was immediately was surprised, even was amazed when she looked under the bed. They brought her to the bathroom and everything was in its place, plus everything was clean even the toilet. They explained that they had clean the whole house, while she was gone to run errands and pick up her friend.

“Wow” She thought to herself.

“I am proud of you both!”She declared.

Both boys said, “Thank you…mom.” 

You both did a job and Ann said you worked together, instead of arguing amongst yourselves. So, yes you 
both can go fishing, but take my cell phone with you. This way, you can contact if  needed and check in every hour. Be careful at the lake and watch over each other. Follow Uncle Lee’s rules and go have fun.

“I will come get you immediately and you will never go by yourselves again!” DJ said.

The boys loved going fishing with their uncle Lee every Saturday, but he is out of town this weekend. Therefore, the boys both decided to gather up their lunch and fishing gear, so they can go catch some fish for their mom. They both were carrying their homemade bamboo fishing poles, their tackle box, a rusty old bucket, as well as medium sized fishing net. Generally, the boys and Uncle Lee had to walk about four blocks on a winding trail, in order to get to the lake. Both of the boys finally reached the nature trail, which will lead them to their fishing paradise.

Unfortunately, the boys were getting tired of walking throughout the winding nature trail, while carrying the supplies. Jordan and Aiden were playing at Tatterhill’s Lake within the hour and the boys were getting excited. After reaching the lake, both boys found their favorite shady spot and they both set their gear down, however they both wished their Uncle Lee was there with them. Fishing was fun with Uncle Lee, especially when they stayed out on the lake all day and caught many types of fish. Thankfully, they each remembered what their uncle Lee had taught them whenever they went fishing together. Additionally, Jordan wrote down the instructions the night before, just in case Aiden forgot them. The south side of the lake’s bank looked more like a small beach, instead of the rugged terrain and dangerously high cliffs that lined the north side of the lake. Finally, they were ready to fish, so Jordan helped Aiden put a worm or bait his fishing pole and then turned to bait his own.

Jordan was older but only by two-and-half years, yet he was very protective of Aiden, whenever they went fishing together with or without Uncle Lee. Both boys had bright yet shining blonde hair, which made their sea green eyes stand out as one their most prominent features. Luckily, Jordan was turning ten in a few days, but he felt as if he was becoming a teenager. They boys stepped into the lake together before casting their poles into the lake, until the water came up to their knees. Each one casted their fishing poles into the lake and began talking about the last time they had been there with Uncle Lee. They both laughed as Jordan described the look on Uncle Lee’s face when he had caught an old boot, which their uncle thought was a big fish. Suddenly, Aiden’s line snagged, but Jordan pulled his pole out of the water and helped his brother. They began bragging about how big the fish was going to be, but it took both of their strength to pull the fish in. Finally, as the fish got closer to them, Jordan grabbed Aiden’s fishing net and in one swoop he caught the fish.

They weren’t sure what kind of fish it was, but it was a big one by anyone’s standards and it wasn’t an old boot. The boys put the fish in Jordan’s bucket and decided it was time to head home, so they called to check in and let their mom know all about their big catch. On the way home, Aiden spotted a small ditch and it had a lot of tiny fish in it, so he scooped up as many as he could. He showed Jordan the tiny fish and they both decided that they wanted to keep them. After getting home, Jordan took the fish they caught to his mother and Aiden went to the garage to get the ten gallon aquarium. Both boys worked together and cleaned out the aquarium, before dumping the little fish in it. Once they were done, they both begged their mom to come look at the little fish they had found.

“Can we keep them?” Aiden begged.

“Yes, you can keep them, but you both are responsible for them.”

 Aiden realized that after about a week, the fish the boys had caught were growing legs. He went to school and came back and the fish hadn’t grown anymore yet. Aiden had caught about maybe 20 fish, but about 15 had survived so far. Additionally, Aiden stopped by the ditch everyday to get more water, but one in a while he would catch the fish with legs. Another week passed and one home Aiden came home with water from the ditch.

Suddenly, he noticed that his tank was full of frogs and some fish with legs were still swimming around. Aiden screamed for Jordan and his mom. However, they were just as surprised as Aiden, but their mom realized that they had caught some tadpoles.

“I didn’t know they were Frog Fish…Mom.” Aiden said.

“Jordan help Aiden give all of these frogs out of the house. Take the remaining tadpoles that are left and dump the rest back into the ditch.” His mom replied.

The boys did as they were told by their mom, but with every frog Aiden let go...he said, “Good-bye Frog Fish!”

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Eyes Like Me

Staring at an image of your face,
My brother was born in first place.
Looking at the image of me,
It is my twin brother I see.

Eyes with the same shape as mine,
My brother is the only link to a time.
Mistakes we both have made,
Built up hate and anger replaces the pain.

A bond broken many years ago,
Now, it is hard to let our love show.
Getting past the way we feel,
Is this the only way our bond can heal?

Help me try to turn the page,
Let us start acting our age.
Adults with responsibilities of our own,
I need my friend, I lost for so long!

©Crystal S. Kauffman, 2001

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PS: This poem can be found in my poetry collection titled, "Rhymes of the Heart". 

Missing You Grandpa Amon

Grandpa Ray L. Amon

Grandpa’s Sweetheart

As a young girl, I met my Grandpa on my dad’s side of the family. For those of you who don’t know Ray C. Amon adopted me and my two brothers, as his legal children when he signed our birth certificates. So, legally he is our father and I reconnected with him about ten or more years ago. During that time, I always asked about my grandparents and I learned a few months back that my Grandpa Ray L. Amon had cancer.

As I first talked to him recently, I began to remember his voice from when I was a young girl and we were living with my dad and mom in Jacksonville, FL. Anyway, I remembered that he came to visit us and I vaguely remember what he looked like then. However, I remembered his voice when he spoke on the phone. He always called me “Grandpa’s Sweetheart”, which he called me again when I spoke to him recently on the phone.

When he became sick, I got sad because I wanted to see him before he passed away. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit him and he went to be with the Lord, but I know he will be watching over me. I hope he gets to meet my other family members and loved one that have already went to rest in the Lord. When I spoke with him, his voice sounded excited and he said, “Hello sweetheart!”  I haven't heard his voice or him say this to me, him since I was a very young girl.

It felt so good to reconnect with him, but I wish I could have seen him and hugged him before he passed away. However, during the conversation we had; he said that, "He was proud of me and he would see me on the other side.” I knew he loved me throughout the years we were apart and I knew he missed me as well. I just wanted to let him know that I love him and will miss his voice so much, but I am glad he is with the Lord.

Thanks to my dad for letting my grandpa and I reconnect with each other, because it meant a lot to me to hear his voice again. I love you and I am sorry for your loss as well. Thank you to my sister Melba for the picture and I am sorry for yours and Amanda's loss of a sweet man.