Friday, June 26, 2015

If I Could Change the World

I would start by spreading seeds of kindness to all nations and change the heart of every adult or child. Only, then can a reaction began to take effect and they will be inspired to spread their seeds of kindness. I'd start by spreading seeds of kindness around my own city and neighborhood. Then, I would try to visit every state and nation trying to inspire others by my actions. Once, I find the best ways to impact somebody with an act of kindness.

In return, they will also want to spread seeds of kindness to those they love and know. Change will begin, as the heart of every man and nation has been affected by the kindness of others. The reaction will spread across every ocean and reach those with the coldest hearts. By spreading the seeds of kindness, I can stop the violence and sorrow. Therefore, laughter and love will run rampant in the heart of every man, woman, and child.

No one would cry, as the love and welfare of others will rule their hearts and mind. Never will hunger kill another living person, because there would be enough to eat. All children will experience unconditional love, instead of hate and anger. There would be no more terrorists left, due to their hearts and minds, being filled with unconditional kindness. Therefore, the world can change, if one person is able to start a chain reaction of love.

No doubt about it, I would help others to feel good about exactly, who they are inside of their heart. So, they will help others that they meet on their journey and teach them to replace hate with kindness and love. Everyone would be happy and only cry tears of joy, for kindness can deliver us from evil and harm. Even the cold-hearted humans, will be affected the chain reaction, which has been started by a person that actually cares.

Seeds of kindness can be planted deep in the hearts of those that I meet each day. No matter where I go or who I see, I can start a reaction that will continue to grow. Suddenly, the kindness can be seen in the people that we meet each day. I can watch the seeds, as they spread all over the world and touch every heart. Therefore, one person can plant a seed that sets off a chain reaction, which can reach the unreachable....if I wasn't afraid!

So, I will spend my life trying to spread seeds of kindness to those I meet. However, I hope my actions can make a difference in this world of mine. As I walk daily with many, whom I will influence with my own plan to care. Hopefully, I can reach their heart and start a chain reaction that flows all around the world.

©2012, Crystal S. Kauffman                                                                                                                                    

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Duggar's Dilemma

The Duggar family’s heartbreak, as they admitted that their son made bad choices when he was a teenager. They had Josh Duggar go to counseling and each child was sent to counseling as well. He was fifteen years old and was curious about girls. Both parents’ spoke to Fox News Anchor Megan Kelly. They both agreed what he did was wrong, but they have forgiven him.
They chose to send him away for treatment, while the Duggar’s set up safeguards and once Josh returned home. No incident never happened like this again, plus Josh turned himself into the police station in 2003, but never heard from the police again until 2006. By then, he was an adult and the statute of limitations had already expired.
After the scandal broke, the Duggar girls Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard went on record with Megan Kelly and admitted they were two of the victims. Additionally, they admitted to Kelly Files anchor on FOX News Channel, that they felt violated by the story and records that were released to the InTouch magazine staff. They said that they dealt with this and have forgiven Josh, but now they feel violated all over again.
Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are at peace, because they did the right thing with their son, once they learned about his problem. However to sell magazines, InTouch magazine will keep trying to hurt the Duggar family. They are different and outspoken, but it does not make them bad people. Josh has stepped down from his position at the Family Research Center.
How long must this family suffer just for a story? How long do Josh Duggar and his family have to suffer for a mistake made when he was fifteen years old? He made a mistake, but now he is a good husband and an excellent father. Thanks to his parent’s choice to get him help, once they learned about his behavior.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Freelance Author: What is NaNoWriMo?

The creators of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) wanted to find a way, for amateurs and professionals to find common ground. They desired to bring more aspiring authors, into the competitive market of novel writing. All of the participants are solely based on the amount of writing, which they produced in thirty days, instead of the quality. Basically, NaNoWriMo program was created about eight years ago, in order to showcase a writer’s dedication to their writing.

However, since the contest creation, the program has expanded into a global revolution that is sweeping the world of writing. According to the Office of Letters and Light (2006), over 79,000 participants entered last year. Unfortunately, only about “13,000” (office of Letters and Light, 2006), were able to actually finish their novel. Each participant will try for their chance to become a new novelist, but only a few will be reaching their goal.

Basically, anyone can join, as long as they are able to write a “175 page (50,000 words) novel” (The Office of Letters and light, 2006), during the month of November. Fortunately, the aspiring authors will not have to worry about the daunting task of perfecting each word or sentence. The NaNoWriMo program mainly focuses on an artist’s hard work and their commitment to writing daily. 
This contest encourages amateurs and professional authors to enter into the friendly competition. Don’t worry about the mistakes that will be made, since only they only judge the total word count. Every contestant is judged and rewarded for their daily perseverance. Also, the website offers a community to gain encouragement or to talk about the joys and sorrows of writing.  

For more information or to join the revolution that is sweeping the writing world, go to This program allows a would-be author, to work hard and attempt to write a novel in thirty days from a blank page. Most of the aspiring authors come from several countries and different walks of life. Yet, each one has a sincere desire, to see their novel published and circulating in the local bookstores.

Therefore, this year’s many contestants will be attempting to write their way into, “NaNoWriMo superstardom” (Office of Letters and Light, 2006). On November 1, 2015, a new round of contestants will be shooting for the finishing line.  So, get ready to join them in a program, which will showcase the hard work of both amateurs and professionals alike. The contestants enjoy writing their heart out, while competing for the chance to be noticed by others.


The Office of Letters and Light (2006) National Novel Writing Month
      Retrieved on the World Wide Web on July 8, 2007

Previously Published in 2007/Revised 2015

©2007, Crystal S. Kauffman

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How to Spot Publishing Scams

If you have to pay them to publish your creative works or to send you a's a scam! If you are a well developed writer, a publishing house will give you money and copies of your creative works. As a struggling freelance writer, you must beware of publishing scams that exist on the internet. According to Mrs. Allen (2007), you should investigate the publishing company that you plan to sell your work too. So many, gifted writers actually get caught up in these types of scams.

Before signing any contract with a publisher, please take time to investigate the history of the company. Start, by calling the Better Business Bureau and ask them about the company's history of complaints. Then, look for local or online writing communities and ask other writer's about the publisher that you was approached by. Many of these writing groups have information about current scams that exists.

Then, take time to research the many paying markets, which are waiting for a talented writer to come their way. Your writing should speak for itself and it will, if you treat it as a career and keep learning as you write. Keep submitting your work often and listen to the editor's notes, because they know what they want or need. Never allow other people to edit your work, instead taking writing course online or at the local community center.

Next, search the internet or your local bookstores for books that list the current paying markets. There are many books that deal with every writing market like: magazines for children and adults, novel and short stories, poetry, and song writing. You may find a home for all of your writing and you won't have to deal with annoying scams. Also, you may find some freelance markets or communities on the internet.

However, watch out for the freelance communities that exist on the internet that charge you money, but don't bring you any work. Always look for communities, which allow you to speak with their other authors through discussion forums or chats. Only you can protect yourself from being swindled, by the phony promises of a swindler. As an author, it is your job to sell your writing, so spend time researching the market and its preferences.

Finally, never sign any contract without reading it and seeking legal advice from a qualified lawyer. This way, you will know, whether it's a scam or a reputable publishing company, who is ready to give you a place for your writing to shine. It doesn't matter is you are a struggling freelance writer or a passionate hobbyist. If you can choose to submit your articles for publication, you should treat it as an important business deal!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Communication Builds Success in Business

As a new business owner, communication with existing and potential customers is important to the businesses bottom line. Every customer is important and should be treated that way, because they keep a business running. Staying in contact will also help the owner develop friendships, which keep the customers coming back and the business growing. Thanks to new technology, many ways exists to keep in contact with a loyal customer or attract new ones.

Friendly Emails

A business owner can send a friendly email, in order to update a customer or let them know that the business owner cares about their business. Currently, many types of email marketing software are available for anyone to use and they have many features. Unfortunately, the owner must shop around, because he or she must choose the best software for their individual company. In addition, whatever program you choose should allow the customer to opt-out of receiving the emails.

Monthly Newsletters

A newsletter can be sent monthly, in order to update the customer about special sales or discounts on each product. The owner should also include information and reviews about their new products, along with a picture of the product. Another way to make the customer feel special is to offer coupons or discounts for the loyal subscribers. However, each newsletter should contain a picture of the business owner and offer a short message about him or her.

Phone Calls

An occasional phone call to a new or existing customer can build a business relationship and personal friendship. Fortunately, at the time of purchase, the business owner can ask for the customer's telephone number. After about a week, they can follow up with the customer and ask if they are still satisfied with their purchase. This way, the customers will feel important and keep coming back with their friends.

Greeting Cards

The perfect way to communicate with an existing customer is to send a greeting card, especially for you. This way, the customer knows that the business owner appreciates their loyalty. They can start sending greeting cards for birthdays and seasonal holidays. Also, enclose a coupon or discount certificate inside of the card, just for the customer and one for a friend. Then, the customer will feel like the business owner values his or her business and friendship.

Post Cards

These little cards are perfect reminders for appointments or updates for your customers. In fact, they can be used for many other reasons too, which will help the business owner. In addition, the business owner will develop a line of communication that will work to his or her advantage. Take a few moments to send a simple "Thank you" to a new customer and they will keep coming back. All customers enjoy knowing his or her business is appreciated.


To sum it up, friendly communications of all kinds will improve the business owner's relationship with the customer. A simple post card or greeting card can make a customer's day, while letting them know they are special to the business owner. A simple yet professional newsletter should be used to feature only the products on sale. Therefore, communication is the key to catching a customer's eye and keeping their business.

©2009, Crystal S. Kauffman
Previously Published

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spending the Day With My Beautiful Daughter

Today, I finally got to see my beautiful daughter after weeks of not being able to go visit her. So, we celebrated Mother's Day this week. She gave me the best gifts ever! She has been collecting books from the author "John Grisham" for me for a few years now.

She made me a flower headband, which I actually love and we took pictures together. She works, so getting together can be hard at times. However, I enjoy getting to spend what time I can with her. Additionally, she gave me a candle which has the scent of sunshine.

Oh, it smells so good!

Next, she gave me a card that fit her to a tee, This time with her is special and I hope I can get her to squeeze me in when she can. However, I know she is busy, but even 15 or 30 minutes with her is so special to me.

Right before I left, she cooked me lunch and she gave me some vanilla exfoliating scrub that she made herself. I cannot wait to try it out and write a review about her new hobby.

She is so talented! I love her with all my being. She is an amazing young woman, who has any future that she chooses to follow. She may be busy working and more, but we communicate in many different ways. I know she loves me beyond words. I feel blessed to have seen her today. It truly made my day!

Take time to make memories with your family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Grandpa's Sweetheart

RIP: Ray L. Amon/Grandpa
As a young girl, I met my Grandpa on my dad’s side of the family. For those of you who don’t know Ray C. Amon adopted me and my two brothers, as his legal children when he signed our birth certificates. So, legally he is our father and I reconnected with him about ten or more years ago. During that time, I always asked about my grandparents and I learned a few months back that my Grandpa had cancer.
As I first talked to him recently, I began to remember his voice from when I was a young girl and we were living with my dad and mom in Jacksonville, FL. Anyway, I remembered that he came to visit us and I vaguely remember what he looked like then. However, I remembered his voice when he spoke on the phone. He always called me “Grandpa’s Sweetheart”, which he called me again when I spoke to him recently on the phone.
When he became sick, I got sad because I wanted to see him before he passed away. Unfortunately, I was unable to visit him and he went to be with the Lord, but I know he will be watching over me. I hope he gets to meet my other family members and loved one that have already went to rest in the Lord. When I spoke with him, his voice sounded excited and he said, “Hello sweetheart!”  I haven't heard his voice or him say this to me, him since I was a very young girl.
It felt so good to reconnect with him, but I wish I could have seen him and hugged him before he passed away. However, during the conversation we had; he said that, "He was proud of me and he would see me on the other side.” I knew he loved me throughout the years we were apart and I knew he missed me as well. I just wanted to let him know that I love him and will miss his voice so much, but I am glad he is with the Lord. Thanks to my dad for letting my grandpa and I reconnect with each other, because it meant a lot to me to hear his voice again.
Previously Published
©2014-Crystal S. Kauffman

Meet Crystal S. Kauffman

About the Author

My name is Crystal S. Kauffman (Pen name: Imogen Rayne). I am a Freelance Author/Poet/Songwriter with 16 years of experience. I have published over 1000 articles online and offline, since I began my writing career. Additionally, I enjoy using my talent to help small business owners, who need help with their everyday business communications like press releases and articles. I also enjoy making fliers and brochures, as well many other forms of business communications. Most of all, I love reviews of books and products, so please email me for more information. Email:

Glimpse Into My Life 

Currently, I live in Jacksonville, FL with my husband and my two beautiful children, who are my biggest fan and contributors for my new novels. Personally, I am a twelve year cervical cancer stage 2 B survivor, who loves to create and write. Therefore, for the last 8 years, I have been using the talent God gave me to create and maintain a support community for those touched by cancer. The Laugh at Cancer Support Community is for patients and families touched by cancer, who has been touched directly or indirectly. Visit our support community, if you would like to help make a difference or if you are in need of support. Laugh At Cancer Support Community

My Published Work 

Rhymes of The Heart- This is an uplifting and inspirational collection of poems. These rhymes come from my heart, throughout the good and bad times I experienced. I believe many of my readers and fans can relate to the poems I have written. Additionally, ten percent of each purchase will benefit the . Laugh At Cancer Support Community on Facebook.
Planting Seeds to Grow- This is a collection of short stories I previous published for children. I really hope that enjoy my work, because each story is fictionally based. However, you will know what stories are based on my own life. I believe that this book is wonderful read for you and your children. Ten percent of all purchase will benefit the . Laugh At Cancer Support Community

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The Birth of Veil-Fantasy Genre

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Papa's Can Be Angels Too...

Thinking to when I was a little girl,
His words were my world.
Little girl wrapped like a gift,
Is closing her eyes and making a wish.

Lord allow him to stay,
In my life every day.
Words hurt sometimes when he spoke,
My heart he never broke.

Always working till he bled,
Too make sure his family is fed.
He went without just to make sure,
His family was safe and secure.

When he flies away to his home in the sky,
Hope he won't see his granddaughter cry.
Tears will fall the day he passes away,
He will be the angel, who is watching me play.

Isom "Ray" Plyler

Previously Published
©2002. Crystal S. Kauffman

Friday, May 1, 2015

Devotional: Get Over It and Move On

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, however, you must face the situation and continue moving forward. The situation may concern having a horrible childhood, not getting a promotion at work, or a dispute with the new neighbor. Nevertheless, you must not dwell on things and are beyond your control, instead focus on things you can change. You cannot change a childhood, so you must forgive your parents and focus on changing your future. This way, future generations will not continue the abuse or neglect that you felt as a child.
The promotion at work was given to a younger person, who may not have had as many years with the company as you have. However, this is beyond your control and the person who got the promotion may have a college degree that you don’t have. In this situation, you must continue to do the job that you’re given or find another place of employment. Either way, you must forgive your boss and the person who got the promotion, if you have gotten angry about the situation or angry with both parties.
Furthermore, you can work hard and take some college courses, which may guarantee that you will not be passed over whenever the next promotion takes place. If you have a dispute with your new neighbor, you must try to dissolve this dispute in a civil yet timely manner. Unfortunately, some people are impossible to deal with and that will not come to any kind of compromise. So therefore, try to stop the argument, by producing all documents that show your land line or what the argument was about. Additionally, you must forgive you neighbor and move forward in solving the issue at hand.
 Sometimes this means, you must compromise or even seek legal advice on solving the problem. However, you must forgive your neighbor, if you get angry with him and let God handle the situation. Don’t let yourself stay in a pity party, instead get up and change your situation. Sometimes you are going to come across situations that you can’t change. Therefore, you must learn to pray and give your problems to God, because he is only one who can change the situation. Don’t be a negative person, because of something that was done to you, which was beyond your control. Additionally, get over it and dwell on things that can change your situation, while helping you move forward in your life.
©2012 Crystal S. Kauffman
Previously Published

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Reflections Dreams and Goals

As a young girl, I always dreamed of writing novels or writing for my city's local paper. Every day, I told my friends that someday, they would see my name in the newspaper on the front page. They would generally laugh or make comments about my head being in the clouds. After hitting a hurdle in high school, I thought I would never be an author, columnist, or journalist. I am so thankful for the opportunity to chase my educational goals while I was down, due to my cancer treatment and aftermath.

My Education Goals

However, I returned to high school and graduated in 2006. Next, I signed up to take a course with the Institute of Children’s Literature. I earned my certificate for Writing for Teenagers and Children in late 2006. Now, I have earned an Associate’s Degree in Arts of Business in 2008, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2011. For the past 15 years, I have been writing short stories, poems, and have written several novels that I am working on now. I am also writing stories and articles for different magazines and books like Guideposts.

It is a Way of Life

Journalism and columnist jobs require that the employee to be available on a moment's notice, especially when news is breaking around town. However, I am a twelve year cervical cancer stage 2B survivor, who had aggressive treatment to become cancer free. I am disabled, so I cannot chase stories to become a major journalist. So, I have two blogs that I am using as a column and publishing several articles and stories on different subject matter.

Writing is My Passion

I love writing, so now I write articles for my blogs or I write for magazines as well. Additionally, I am writing an articles and novels now full time. I am a new author when it comes to novels, but I am determined to continue writing. Thankfully, I am very versatile in my writing, so I have three novels coming out which are different genres. I have already publish two small books, a poetry collection and a short stories book for children.

It is a Career

I love meeting new readers and fans, especially as my writing grows and I continue writing things about this I love writing about. I love knowing that my fans and readers enjoy my work, so if you stop by my blogs. Take a moment to leave a comment or even just say HI. Each day is a new day to bring my readers new ideas, stories, and more. Thank you for supporting me in my career choice and I hope you enjoy my future writings.

Respectfully Yours, 

Crystal S. Kauffman 


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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Scott Speicher: A Hero is Finally Home

A day of mourning and somber spirits loomed over the First Coast, Navy Captain Scott Speicher was laid to rest on Friday August, 14, 2009. The streets of Jacksonville, FL was lined with spectators and those who wanted to pay their respects to this fallen hometown hero. The funeral procession stopped at its various spots all over the Jacksonville, FL area, as those gathered said good-bye. Many spectators did not know Scott personally, but thanks to his family and friends hard work….he was never forgotten!

Who was he?

Captain Scott Speicher was also known as decorated member of the military’s elite group of fighter pilots aboard the Saratoga. In addition, he was a beloved son, loving husband, a proud father, and so much more. He taught Sunday school at Lake Shore Methodist Church, where a memorial has been placed to honor the fallen hero also. On Friday, August 14th, 2009“; the family was able let the captain finally rest in his own home town.

What happened to him?

In “1991”, Captain Speicher aka “Spike” was the first plane to be shot down during the first night of the “Operation Desert Storm”. Immediately, his wife and children suffered the blow 18 years ago, when his plane never returned home. First, he was listed as “Killed in Action”, but the military changed his status to “Captured” and “Missing in Action” after the overthrow of Saddam. Now, he can finally rest in peace, since he has been discovered and identified.

How was he found?

A local tribe has claimed that they buried Captain Speicher soon after his accident, which explains why he was never found. The Iraqi locals could not help America’s military without fear of repercussion during Desert Storm in 1991. His skeletal remains were identified on 08-02-2009 and returned them home, once the military confirmed they had in fact found the captains remains. Many locals believe that his family and friends fight to keep his memory alive, allowed him to stay in the public spotlight.


In conclusion, Captain Scott Speicher was more than just a name on a wall to those people living in Jacksonville, Fl.  His wife, children and close friends were proud to welcome him home as a hero, since his highly publicized death. The sidewalks lined up with thousands of people paying their respects and saying goodbye, yet many never knew the pilot.  Many felt he was their adopted son or friend, who touched their hearts for 18 years and now they will remember him as the local pilot who gave all.  


POW Network (2009) Speicher, Michael Scott
Retrieved on August 2009 from World Wide Web

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gift Ideas for Traveling Seniors

Do you have a globe-trotting senior on your holiday or birthday list? Are you looking for a perfect present for them this year? Well, look no farther than a local department store, since they have many useful gifts. There you will find things that travelers will enjoy, like a set of suitcases or personal products that every traveler needs. Some travelers may enjoy a soft towel to dry off on, instead of a hotel’s towel.
A great gift idea would be a road safety club for RV owners, just incase they need road side assistance.  You may even want to consider giving them a road safety kit, just in case they will need it. However, a professional oil change or new tires for the RV would be a great gift for someone, who loves to travel. Honestly, most travelers will enjoy gas cards, because it will save them money and allow them to continue to their destination.     
Nevertheless, others would enjoy a photo album or scrapbook, which is filled with pictures of loved ones and friends that they miss. This way, they can reminisce, while they are visiting historic sites in other states or countries. Many senior travelers are looking for things, which will allow them to be more comfortable. Try looking for things that may enjoy like: getting a soft pillow, blanket, or stuff they can decorate their RV with.

Remember to look for things that will help them achieve their goals and dreams of seeing the different sites around America. You should pick a special gift that can be used over and over; like camping gear, dishes, or bored games to play on the when relaxing. These simple presents will make their lives easier, while showing them that you support their decision to travel. Therefore, look for things that they may need, in order to allow them to have the vacation of a lifetime.

 © Crystal S. Kauffman-2008/Previously Published at Yahoo Voices/Associated Contennt

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Get Over It and Move On

Sometimes you will find yourself in a situation that you don’t want to be in, however, you must face the situation and continue moving forward. The situation may concern having a horrible childhood, not getting a promotion at work, or a dispute with the new neighbor. Nevertheless, you must not dwell on things and are beyond your control, instead focus on things you can change. You cannot change a childhood, so you must forgive your parents and focus on changing your future. This way, future generations will not continue the abuse or neglect that you felt as a child.

The promotion at work was given to a younger person, who may not have had as many years with the company as you have. However, this is beyond your control and the person who got the promotion may have a college degree that you don’t have. In this situation, you must continue to do the job that you’re given or find another place of employment. Either way, you must forgive your boss and the person who got the promotion, if you have gotten angry about the situation or angry with both parties.

Furthermore, you can work hard and take some college courses, which may guarantee that you will not be passed over whenever the next promotion takes place. If you have a dispute with your new neighbor, you must try to dissolve this dispute in a civil yet timely manner. Unfortunately, some people are impossible to deal with and that will not come to any kind of compromise. So therefore, try to stop the argument, by producing all documents that show your land line or what the argument was about. Additionally, you must forgive you neighbor and move forward in solving the issue at hand.

Sometimes this means, you must compromise or even seek legal advice on solving the problem. However, you must forgive your neighbor, if you get angry with him and let God handle the situation. Don’t let yourself stay in a pity party, instead get up and change your situation. Sometimes you are going to come across situations that you can’t change. Therefore, you must learn to pray and give your problems to God, because he is only one who can change the situation. Don’t be a negative person, because of something that was done to you, which was beyond your control. Additionally, get over it and dwell on things that can change your situation, while helping you move forward in your life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clumsy Dancer

Life is like a flower growing wild, Dancing in the rain like a child.Emotions stir as the heart awakes, Wondering if I have made a mistake?

The flower snaps in the summer breeze, Like a horse with broken knees.My soul is wounded beyond repair, There is nothing to here, not even a flare.
The past has stolen my innocence away, As a clumsy dancer, I continue to sway.Stumbling through life without a light, Holding on to what I feel is right.
Struggling to let my soul free, I just want to be me!

©Crystal S. Kauffman, 2008/Previously Published.

Never Shampoo Your Hair Again?

A friend of mine gave me a three month supply of WEN Cleansing Conditioner , by Chaz Dean. She gave this to me as a gift about three weeks ago. I tried it the product that night and I was absolutely shocked at how well this product worked. My hair looked and felt healthier than it has in years. I always preferred Herbal Essence or Pantene, as shampoo and conditioner.

However, my hair would become frizzy, immediately after it dried naturally or towel dried. I rarely ever use styling tools on my hair, such as a blow dryer or curling iron. I usually color my hair about three times a year, but sometimes more when my grey hairs begin surrounding my face. I visit the hair salon about two times a year, for a trim and long layers.

My hair is extremely thick, dry, color-treated, and full of ringlet type curls. After getting my hair cut, I always buy products that are supposed to stop my hair from frizzing and tangling. Plus, I buy products that will bring out my curls and they just never work. All these expensive (to me) professional anti-frizz products and my hair was still unmanageable every day.

I used WEN Cleansing Conditioner: my hair color was vibrant and my hair was soft from the very first use. My hair is easy to comb through and my curls stand out now. My hair was not greasy or oily feeling like I thought it would be, which surprised me. Most of the hair products I have left my hair feeling oily and stiff.

I feel blessed that my friend gave this product, because of how my hair feels now. I can say that I love my hair now, which is something I would never say before using WEN.  I promise that if you try this product, you will love the way it makes your hair feel and how easy it is to style. I have washed my mom’s hair and her friend’s hair in WEN.

They both loved the affects it had on their hair as well, because their hair was unmanageable like mine. I thought my hair would stick, but husband says it smells good. If you get a bottle of WEN for yourself, be sure to use it sparingly or it will feel greasy or oily. Follow the directions for the best way to apply to your individual hair type. Check this product out for yourself, because you will not regret it! This is my experience with WEN, so this is not an advertisement.

Thank for reading!

Respectfully yours,

Crystal S. Kauffman

Friday, March 20, 2015

Writing: Creating the Perfect Writing Space

Tips for Creating Your Own Writing Space

First, you will need the basics, like a desk or table, a comfortable chair, a decent reading lamp, and a computer with a word processing program. Make sure that you have enough space to work in, since you will be taking notes. Look for a cup to keep pencils and pens in, so you will not have to waste time looking for something to write with. Always keep a pencil sharpener and paper clips on your new desk, because you will use them daily when you work.

Setting Up   

Second, you will need to leave room for a filing cabinet or some file boxes, so you can keep track of what you are submitting and receiving.  Pick out a special place to keep your references books, your important files, monthly earnings, and important tax information.  As you pursue your freelance writing career, you will find that your career can stay on track…if you stay organized! Never keep all your files on the computer’s hard drive, unless you back up your information on a CD or floppy disk. 

Getting Prepared     

Third, be sure to keep a dictionary and a reference set nearby, so you can look up any information that you may need. In addition, you will need to look for an internet company that can suits your individual needs and budget. Then, you can sign up and begin researching the internet or the “Information Highway” for facts to include in your article or story. Therefore, you will need to create a multi-purpose writing space, which is able to inspire you and handle your daily needs.          

Create a Habit

Finally, you will need to establish a daily writing schedule, but you must pick a time that your creative muse will be readily available. Start, by setting some ground rules about you new writing space with your family and friends. Ask each member to refrain from disturbing you, during your official writing time, and turn your phone’s ringer off. Post your designated writing schedule on the refrigerator door or leave a note on the family message board.
Find your Space
Choosing your own writing space, can be as simple as rearranging some furniture in your bedroom or in quiet space. However, if you have no extra space for setting up a small office, then you may consider remodeling an extra bathroom or adding a small room. Either way, you should choose a place that is away from all of the household distractions. Then, you can allow your creative juices flow, as you concentrate on creating a daily writing habit. 
Everyone will learn to respect your writing schedule and be supportive of your freelance career. However, there will be things that interfere with your writing schedule, but you try to rearrange you schedule for that day or week. This way, you will not lose precious time that is required to complete your writing projects. Furthermore, you can adjust your writing space as you see fit, once your career begins to grow.   

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Creating a Plan for Aging Loved Ones

My Granny!

Creating a Plan for Aging Loved Ones

Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit.

Create a Plan

First, the entire family should discuss their aging loved ones health care and make a plan, which can be instituted once it is needed. One family member may become the fulltime caregiver, while other family members come by and help as needed. This will give the fulltime caregiver a break, as well as peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe while they run errands. The entire family will transition into their new roles, by discussing and creating the plan before the emergency.

Thinking about Pets

Most aging loved ones have pets, which cannot be brought to the nursing home with him or her. Instead, he or she can keep the beloved pet at home or even at a relative’s home, instead of having to give away another piece of his or her life. Sometimes, the relative may have a pet that he or she can become attached to as well. Fortunately, pets can help keep him or her from becoming depressed with the new circumstances that they are faced with.

Teenagers and Small Children

Be sure to let teenagers and small children help out in different ways like reading a book to singing with their loved one. In addition, the child can take him or her for a walk or help clean up the room as needed. Children are usually welcomed by the aging loved one, since children make them laugh and given them someone to chat with. Sometimes, they may not be in the mood to deal with a small child, so families should judge her or her mood first.

Choosing a Nursing Home

Not all families can provide around-the-clock care for an aging loved one and this may put the loved ones life at risk. Unfortunately, there are also family members who are unfit to care for an aging loved one. In these situations, the family will need to find a good nursing home that will care for his or her aging loved one in the proper way. They should investigate and ask other patients about the facility or its nurses, as well as visit often to detour any possible abuse.

In conclusion, a family should be given the option of caring for their aging loved one, before a nursing home is consulted. The entire family should develop a plan before their loved one gets ill, in order to take the stress out of this transition and role reversal. Additionally, Pets and children can help an aging loved one, by keeping them from get depressed and by also keeping them moving. However, if a nursing home is chosen, the family should make sure it is an abuse-free facility by investigating it before their loved one moves in.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The 30 Day Challenge to Feeling Beautiful Again

Before my 30 day challenge. I went to the lake with my husband.

Have you been feeling down or depressed when you are alone? Are you having a hard time facing each new day? Well, I am trying a 30 day plan that I thought of recently, during a soul searching day. I am disabled and I am at home every single day…All day long! I used to get up and lounge in comfy clothes like: pajamas sweat pants, socks, sweater, and t-shirts. Well one day, I had a really bad day and I had an epiphany that has changed my whole sense of self-worth. I started asking the hard questions that anyone ask when they are soul searching..  

  • How can I change my inner feelings and thoughts?
  •  How can I make a difference in my life that will start right now?
  • How can I feel beautiful again?
  • Can this new plan work?
  • Can I be consistent with the plan?
  • What should I do?
  • How can I be beautiful with a plus size curvy body?

That day, it was already 2 PM, but I got up and dressed up in a beautiful blue dress a friend gave me as a gift. I went through my makeup and found my favorite colors, in order to make a makeup box I can use. My 30 days of getting dressed up and applying my makeup, at least 30 minutes after I wake up. I think positively about everything lately. I try to keep garbage out of my head and focus on bettering myself. No one can change my life, but me and I choose to celebrate my accomplishments! No negative thoughts and that was a hard on for me, but I overcame it.

I had to forgive and get over my anger, which was making me depressed due to guilt. Now I feel beautiful and I have some weight that I still want to drop. I am hoping to figure out a better way to exercise, where I will not hurt myself. I usually pick a song on my playlist and try to move my entire body doing a certain dance. Nothing hard, but I am doing this at least six times a day at different times of the day. Sometimes, I just exercise sitting down, by squeezing my stomach muscles or using resistance that my brother-in-law taught me years ago.

So, I challenge every house wife to try this 30 day plan! See if it makes you feel better about yourself, like it has for me. Furthermore, your significant other will love the new change as well. They will fall in love with you all over again, because you will have a closer relationship. Having a new positive outlook can help you change friendships and be a better person to be around. You will feel so empowered and feel so beautiful. You can continue getting beautified everyday and renew your mind at the same time. Take the challenge starting tomorrow. Try 30 days of positive beauty! Thanks for reading my tidbits on beautifying yourself each day. 

Me after my 30 day challenge. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Viola Liuzzo: The Unknown Martyr

If you look in a history book, you will never find the name Viola Liuzzo as a martyr for civil rights. However, in 1965, she became an unknown martyr in the hearts of many civil rights activists. She was shot by self-proclaimed KKK members in Selma, Mississippi, during a civil rights march on March 25, 1965. Now, there a memorial on the spot that she died, yet no one mentions her name in the history books. According to Mr. Simkin (1997), she was 36 year old mother of five kids, who wanted to make a difference in the fight for civil rights.

She was married to a man named Anthony J. Liuzzo, who was very supportive of his wife's ambitions. Viola graduated from "Wayne State University" and was pursuing a career as a "medical lab technician" (Simkin, 1997). After she watched 'Bloody Sunday' unfold on television in Selma, Alabama. She empathized with the pain and torment of those who fought for the right to vote.

So she decided to stand up and become a civil rights activist, who helped out with driving people to the marches. They followed martin Luther king and 25, 000 others in a march from Selma to Montgomery. Once getting involved, she witnessed the brutality of other Americans in the south.

As a white woman, she could have decided that it was too dangerous to go, but she was also a trained nurse who felt she may be able help. Then, on the night of March 25, 1965, she was shot in the head twice by three KKK members from Birmingham. Viola was brutally killed, while driving some of the protesters home. However, according the FBI (2006), a man named Leroy Moton was driving and became an eye witness to her murder. Before long, three men were arrested and charged with violating Viola Liuzzo civil rights. According to the FBI (2006), an undercover agent named Carl Rowe was also riding with the KKK members that night.

These self-proclaimed KKK members were Collie Wilkins", "William Eaton", and "Eugene Thomas" (FBI, 2006). They were found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Fortunately, the undercover FBI agent Carl Rowe was compelled "testified against them" (Simkin. 1997) in court. In an attempt to discredit Viola, some vicious rumors alleged that she had abandoned her children and husband for a black man's affection.

According to Simkin (19970 these damaging rumors, were believed to have been started by the FBI. Sadly, she tried to stand up for the civil rights of others, but was ultimately was denied her own civil rights.

How come Americans are not taught about her courageous decision to stand up, which ultimately cost her own life? Why did the undercover FBI agent choose not to protect her and her companions? What made them spread this vicious rumor about a woman, who chose to stand up for others and their right to be a free American?


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Viola Liuzzo Monument

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Introducing Hellborne: How Do You Serve A Vessel?

"In Matt Harrill's latest, the bad guys refuse to die. Hell is breaking loose, and no one is safe. All in all, it makes for a damned fine tale!" David Farland, New York Times Bestselling Fantasy Author.

Heavily pregnant, Eva Scott finds herself challenged from all sides. Her husband Madden is not the man he was. Her mind is overburdened with the dreadful visions witnessed mere months before. Her new-found allies the ARC Council are prepared to turn against her unless she meets their demands.

Above all, Eva feels she is being led on a path by a powerful, faceless forces, almost within touching distance, always in the shadows.

Join Eva as she battles against time to uncover the answers and seeks to find a safe haven to deliver her baby.


Meet Matthew

Author Matthew Harrill's Kindle Page 

Book Excerpt

Eva screamed, and everybody in the room went silent.
In an instant, Madden was at her side. “Eva, what is it? What did you see?”
Beyond words, unsure of whether this was reality, and still smelling the stench of decayed flesh, Eva pointed at the window.
“There’s something out there,” warned Swanson, following her gaze.
Before anybody could stop him, Madden leapt to his feet, the force of his movement whipping the air past Eva’s face. Gila tried to shout a warning, but Madden was out of the door and round to the window in moments. He appeared at a distance, as if chasing something or somebody, but then stopped and turned back. Approaching the window he shrugged and mouthed the word ‘Nothing’.
“So two of you saw someone out there?” Madden asked when he re-entered the hall. He knelt next to Eva, holding her hand.
“There was somebody out there, peering in from the side when I heard Eva scream,” Swanson argued. “I stake my reputation on it. Eva, what did you see?”
Sure now that she was safe, Eva said, “Death. Fire. The end of this
place. I saw the Behemoth. It hungers for me.”