Saturday, November 24, 2012

Homemade Memories For Christmas

Homemade Memories

Do you want it to spend some time with your child and do some thing fun? Do you want to show someone how much you love them? Then follow these simple ideas for some homemade fun that you can do with your child. Your child will enjoy the special time and appreciate the gift they have made.

1. Bookmarks of Love:

• Self-laminating sheets

• A small photo
• A hole punch
• Construction Paper
• Glue
• Glitter
• Yarn
• Scissors
• Colored markers

Project instructions: Begin by picking out your favorite color construction paper. Then, cut out two-three inch and six inch rectangles from the construction paper. Next, cut a small hole in one of your rectangle bookmarks. Cut your picture down to fit the rectangle bookmark. Make sure your face is showing through your small hole in the bookmark.

Decorate one side of each book mark. Color a neat design or write something special. Now, glue the photo to the uncut, uncolored side and glue the bookmark with hole on top, after aligning the picture. After, cutting down your self-laminating sheet down to the size of you bookmark. Carefully apply the laminate, punch a hole in the top to add a tassel made of yarn. Finally, cut the yarn into six inch pieces or to your desired length.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blankets of Hope Project 2012

This Christmas, help me spread the joy of Christmas cheer to the patients in local nursing, which my grandmother is in. Some patients have no family and would enjoy receiving the small gifts from someone. There are many ways you can help like you can donate signed Christmas cards, small gifts and/or, throw blankets. I have already obtained permission to give out the gifts on December 23, 2012, so they must be donated before Dec. 15, 2012.

Throw Blankets

The blankets are desperately needed, because the patients tend to get the chills and a fleece throw blanket would be perfect on warming the up. The must be a typical sized throw blanket, so it is easy for the patient to carry with them. The blanket will represent all of the people out her thinking about them during the holidays. Please feel free to send the blankets to me and my address is at the bottom of this article.

Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards should be signed with your family’s name or you may allow everyone to sign it. Children can make homemade cards or they can draw pictures. I am hoping to get enough things to give out to each patient there. Additionally, write Patient on the front and Christmas on the back of the envelope. These card seem to brighten the patients day and are generally inexpensive, since money is tight in this economy.

Small Gifts

The patients love getting small gifts like figurines of any kind. I usually got to the dollar store and get some from there for cheap, but this year I cannot afford to buy them myself. So, if you would like to volunteer and help me gather up some cute small figurines like angels. Most patients love getting an angel for Christmas with a card and a blanket. This shows that there are people out who do care about them, even if they have no family coming to see them.


You can help by donating any of these items and sending to the address at the bottom of the page. Patients will be thrilled and feel blessed to receive anything that you can donate. Without the kind donations of others helping me, I cannot possibly give something to all of the patients. Let's make a difference together by bringing a little love and cheer. If you live in Jacksonville, Florida and want to be a volunteer, please email me for my number.

Collecting Donations

Currently, we have until Dec. 15th, 2012, in order to collect the donations needed to make this a day that the patients will remember. Please consider helping me bring a little joy into the life of each patient that I will meet on Dec. 23. 2012. If you want to help and want send a donation to me, so I can go buy the items needed. Feel free to email me. This Christmas can be brighter and full of hope, by giving the patient something special that they can use every day.  

Care Package

Other ways you can help is gathering up shoe boxes wrapped and marked male or female. These shoe boxes should be full of personal stuff like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, shaving supplies, brush or comb, body lotion, perfume or cologne, or other items they may need. If you can help, please contact me by email for more information about this project. The Laugh at Cancer Support Community is sponsoring this project, but we are not a non-profit. Thank you to all who will be taking the time help with this Blankets of Hope project.

Address Information


Laugh at Cancer Support Community- We are on Facebook or search my email for me.  

c/o Crystal S. Kauffman

9842 103rd St. Lot 32

Jacksonville, Florida, 32210


Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Journey Through Cancer's Touch

My journey with cancer began, when I began experiencing symptoms in early 2002. I was forced to visit the Emergency Room as the pain became unbearable. The ER doctor decided to take some medical test and he referred me to a gynecologist. Additionally, he explained that I had a severe infection and I was given medication. Once I finished the medication, the symptoms came back in two weeks, so I scheduled an appointment immediately.

On Oct 23rd of 2002, I met the gynecologist, who discussed my test results with me. He explained that I had cervical cancer and referred me to a GYN/Oncologist. I endured many tests, but I tried not to think about was happening to me. Once, the results came back, I cried when I learned that I had Stage 2-B cervical cancer. That day, I met my new chemotherapy nurse and was referred to the hospital's Radiation Oncologist also.

Escaping Death Sentence

Subsequently, I began life-saving treatment on December 6th, 2003, which changed my life instantly. In addition, I was asked to participate in a clinical trial, which I agreed to try. The aggressive radiation, brachytherapy, and chemotherapy treatments lasted, until April 2003. Thanks to my personal health care team and modern technology, I was given a second chance to live.

I was so grateful to be a cancer survivor at age 28, but I still had many painful side effects daily. The radiation damage caused my life to change in many ways, due to my inability to walk well. One night, after losing my chemo buddy to cancer, I gained a strong passion to help other cancer patients with their fight and living beyond their diagnosis. I knew that I had beaten the odds and survived a possible death sentence.

Changing my Life

During the first initial days of my diagnosis, I decided to enroll in an adult High School course and take my mind off the diagnosis. I set out to achieve my diploma and gain a career in writing or journalism. I also changed my eating habits and began taking an array of vitamins. Then, I began soul searching and got to know God again, despite my daily struggle with pain.

Honestly, I felt humiliated to be 27 and wearing adult diapers, due to my bladder damage from the aggressive treatment I received. I began using a walker or wheelchair, in order to stay mobile. This decline in my health brought on feelings of depression and worthlessness. After discussing these feelings, my primary care doctor started me on an anti-depressant and referred me to pain management.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Should Pet Owners be Charged a Pet Deposit

Is it fair to charge pet owners?
Is it fair for a pet owner to pay a fee to apartment or house owner, which is usually some sort of deposit is paid to the landlord. Many families own many different types of pets like: dogs, cats, birds, fish, lizards, and snakes as pets. However, they love their pets and are not willing to part with them, so they are willing to pay a pet deposit. Many rentals advertise no pets in the newspaper, because they don't want any kind of pet within the home.
Animals can dirty a home
As an animal lover, I believe it is fair to charge a pet deposit, because certain animals may dirty up the home or carpet. Unfortunately, pets can ruin carpets and chew on furniture, as well as the pet giving off an odor. The animal may have a disease or fleas, which is another reason the landlords ask for a pet deposit. This will help the owner of the house or apartment to fix whatever is caused by owning pets of any kind.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ana's Stand Free This Weekend for Downloading

This Sat & Sun my novel Ana's Stand will be free for download to computer or kindle. Take a moment to download your copy this weekend.

This is an inspirational story about a teenage girl, who took a stand after watching her best friend face prejudice and school violence. Ana struggles with helplessness and many more emotions as she watches her best friend suffer a hit and run which changed her life. After facing the possibility of losing her friend, she decides to take matters into her own hands and creates a program at school to inspire her classmates to pledge against non-violence. Soon, she found herself making a difference and inspiring other schools to create the same kind of program. Let Ana inspire you to make your own stand!

Should elderly patients be cared for by family members or by health care professionals?

Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit.
Create a Plan

First, the entire family should discuss their aging loved ones health care and make a plan, which can be instituted once it is needed. One family member may become the fulltime caregiver, while other family members come by and help as needed. This will give the fulltime caregiver a break, as well as peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe while they run errands. The entire family will transition into their new roles, by discussing and creating the plan before the emergency.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Learning All About Orcas

Did you know that the Killer Whale or Orca is the largest species of dolphin? They have 4 inch teeth unlike any other dolphin species, which you may have seen while reading a book or in a magazine. There a three groups of pods or herds that the orcas may live in and they eat differently as well. One is called transient and another being called resident, as well as the off shore group.

What does it look like?

The Killer Whale is identified by its black and white markings along with flippers on each side of the Orca, as well as a prominent dorsal fin. These majestic yet dangerous creatures are nicknamed, the cows of the sea. According to National Geographic (2012), these mammals can reach 22-32 feet long and weigh up to six tons. These mammals can live up to 40 to 60 years, but only when they are not killed due to whales and dolphin hunting.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiger Sharks

Where do they live?

This type of shark can be found living and hunting in the world's coastal waters. They prefer murky water and can be found in many different places. They have been found in rivers, estuaries, harbors, and lagoons. The tiger shark likes a warmer climate, so it can be found near Hawaii, but they have found near Iceland and the United Kingdom. Tiger sharks have excellent eye sight and generally prefer to hunt for its prey at night.

What do they look like?

This species shark can be identified by the shark's blunt nose and the dorsal fin is noticeably close to its tail. Juvenile Tiger Sharks have different colored dark vertical stripes that look similar the majestic Bengal Tiger's stripes. However, these markings begin to lighten up in color, as the shark matures into a fully grown adult. These types of sharks or the Galeocerdo Cuvier species of shark can reproduce.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh No...Mommy has Cancer!

This is my story! Names Have been changed.

"Shh!" Molly whispered to her little brother Drake, who is four-years-old.
"Don't wake up Mommy! She just got home from the hospital."Kevin reminded them.
Molly stated "Mommy is sick and seems to sleep a lot lately."
"I know but your mother is very sick. Sleep helps her body to heal."

Molly is seven-years-old with big beautiful brown eyes like me. However, her complexion was olive color like her father. As she grows, she has more of my personality coming out of her. Molly has shoulder length golden brown hair that matched her father's eyes. She has my unruly hair but Drake has his father's hair type. Drake favored his father with his big brown eyes that, along with a few of his facial features. Nevertheless, he has chestnut brown hair which took after his mother Chelsey. She has complained about a sharp throbbing pain in her lower abdomen, since she was twelve years old. Nevertheless most doctors diagnosed her with Gastritis and each doctor informed her to get gas pills. In September of 2002, she began working for a landscaping and plant nursery. She cleaned up the weeds in the plant nursery while taking care of the plants and the office. All month long Chelsey had a horrible pain in her belly, but due to no health insurance.

She had no choice but to visit local emergency room to get the help she needed. She ended up staying in the hospital for three days, while the doctors pumped antibiotics in to her system. Chelsey finally got better, but the pain never really went away and she was advised to see a specialist. Thankfully, her visit to the emergency room actually helped her to get approved for a state medical insurance plan. The OB/GYN doctor she was referred to by the hospital, needed to recheck her in order to see if the infection had responded to the antibiotics that were given to her at the hospital. This specialist examined her and took a biopsy of her cervix, which is the removal of a tissue sample. He wanted to see if he could explain why Chelsey's lower abdomen was still in severe pain. The doctor sent the biopsy to the hospital lab to be examined and tested. The specialist nurse called Chelsey on the phone and asked her to come to the doctor's office that afternoon in Oct. 2002. Molly noticed that her mom was crying the next day when she got home from work.

"Did something bad happen at work?" She asked as her mother hugged her tightly.
"Nothing for you to worry about sweetie, Mommy is having a bad day right now." Chelsey replied trying to reassure Molly.
Molly began cleaning her mother's office when she saw some information about cervical cancer on her desk. This made her worry, so Molly got very sad because she knew people that had died due to cancer.
"Do you have cancer Mommy? Are you going to die?" She asked her mother.
Molly's eye began filling tears, as Drake crawled into her mother's lap and began crying as well.
"Yes, I have cancer, but tomorrow my cancer doctor will decide the treatment I will need to take. Then, I'll know more about what we can expect once I see the oncologist."
"Will you die mommy?" Drake asked with tears streaming down his face.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can this be True Love?

You are too good and sweet to be true,
My heart skips a beat whenever I hear from you.
I love the way you make me feel,
I believe your love honesty is for real.
I hope you say something each night,
To me you are my Mr. Right.
I am the sunshine and you are my doll,
Now, I am trusting you and giving you my all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Confederate Battle Flag: Heritage or Racism?

Recently, the controversy of the Confederate flag, has led to racial tension with many supporters on both sides. However, for many southerners this flag represents their forefathers sacrifice. For some African-American's it symbolizes their ancestors fight to end slavery and become free Americans. However, for many southerners, the flag has become a part of their family's heritage. Many southerners proudly display the Confederate flag, as a symbol of heritage not hate.

the years, the controversy has boiled and caused most southern states to remove the flag. America's colorful history should never be forgotten, since it represents a time when two nations couldn't agree. So, many people do not see the Confederate battle flag, as a part of the south's changing heritage. The flag was called the "Southern Cross" or "the cross of St. Andrew" (Brunner, 2007) and has been a proud symbol of the south's heritage. During previous centuries the flag has been flown, next to the American flag and their state flag.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Author's Spotlight

Check out my new bookstore, inorder to purchase a copy of one or all of my books that has been published. There is something for everyone.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Honoring Keven Stephens

This blog is in honor of my best friend's boyfriend and the father of her 17 year old child. He passed away and is now living in heaven, where he is waiting to be reunited with Nicole and her daughter Courtney. In all the years that I have known him, we have become close friends who respected each other. I will miss Keven and I will always be there for Nicole and Courtney. See you Keven when our journey is over.  May he rest in peace!

Tips on Building a Professional Portfolio

Are you a new freelance copywriter, who is looking for ways to promote your unique talent and skills to potential clients? If so, you may want to build a portfolio, which will help you showcase your talent to others. A professional portfolio online or offline can help you land freelance work, by advertising your experience and skill. However, be sure that you build a portfolio that catches someone's eye and their interest.

What is a Portfolio?

A professional portfolio will include samples of your older work, but be sure you choose only your best work. It will showcase your work in one spot, in order to show perspective clients what you can do for them. This way, the interested party can see exactly, what you kind of work you are experienced in. Be sure to include different samples, so they will know right away if your services will be able to benefit their company.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Note-Taking Tips for Students

As a student, I found an easy way to keep my notes separated for each different class. At the beginning of school, I bought about ten dollars worth of the spiral one subject notebooks. I found them at the local Wal-mart and they were ten cents a piece. I used one spiral notebook per class and I placed all notes in them. When the class was over, I just placed the used notebook in the file cabinet with the folder that held all handouts.

Also, I always wrote the name of the class on the notebook and the folder. That way, I never got my class notes mixed up or lost the important information I needed. By staying organized, you will find your material that is needed for homework. There are some other ways to stay organized, like a three ring notebook that holds all your class notes. However, make sure that you use several paper dividers and mark them properly.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Understanding Asperger Syndrome

My Son DJ has Asperger Syndrome

Children with Asperger's Syndrome have "neurological problems", which causes them to "displayautistic behaviors". This neurological disorder is named after" Hans Asperger, a Viennese physician", who discovered the disorder in "1944". But, it wasn't until "1994", when the disorder was added to the "DSM IV", which list all mental disorders. Many parents and physicians have noticed the symptoms more in the recent years. Usually, the children will have a "normal intelligence level or language development".

However, they can exhibit symptoms that are mild to severe, which can cause stress on the entire family. Children with Asperger's Syndrome may have trouble in social situations and will not react well to change. Many "characteristics" begin showing up, usually before the age of five or younger. Some children may prefer "doing the same things": like eating the "same food", play with same toys, or watch the same movie over and over.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

All About Dolphins

Did you know that there are "26 living species", of dolphins swimming in the ocean? Have you ever heard that they are in the same family as a whale? They are actually called a "small cetaceans" or a "toothed-whales", scientists and biologists. Through their studies they found that they have advanced or complex personalities. Scientists believe that dolphins are truly remarkable and highly intelligent.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Financial Advice on Becoming a Nurse

As a nursing student, you will find many scholarships, grants, or financial assistance on the internet. Start, by performing a search for the type of nursing scholarship that you can qualify for. Always talk to your school's academic counselor, for advice on scholarships that might be sponsored by your school. Some students can apply for a federal Pell grant or other grants offered by the government. You will never know if you qualify for help, until you apply for it.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Living With Cancer's Touch

Today is my cancer free anniversary! It has been 9 years since I have become cancer free. Every new day is a blessing for me, since I know I am not promised tomorrow. Now, I have made it my own personal mission to help others who have been touched by cancer. I found the Laugh at Cancer Support Community in 2008 after losing my grandfather to cancer.

I felt alone with my grief, so I began reaching out to others using my newly founded online support community. When I built the community I never knew there was such a need for online support for families touched by cancer. However, I learned that each family struggles with many emotions, whenever they hear a loved one has cancer. Eis online community allows me to touch someone’s heart with my friendship in a time where uncertainty and fear can devastate their life.

I hope to touch all those that need encouragement and support with the community and its future projects. Thank you to the members, businesses and organizations, who have helped me continue to keep this support community thriving. Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. Together we can make a difference and touch the lives of those touched by cancer.

Come by our Website or Facebook Page 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Laugh at Cancer Support Community Has Moved to Facebook

I am the founder of the Laugh At Cancer Support Community and I invite you to become apart of our online support community. Learn more about what we do and who we are, by visiting our Facebook Page. We are rebuilding this support community for those families, who have been touched by cancer. All families are welcome to join us, as well as volunteers which are needed to help out the support community's staff. No one should face cancer's touch alone!.

Come join us on Facebook!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Jacksonvilles Cultural Diversity

Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is the second largest city in the northeastern Florida, which is about eight miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Many people with diverse ethnicities have moved into the River City and became a part of its society. Many new businesses, streets, and communities began developing all over the First Coast.

The city grew, so it can accommodate the expanding population. Now, over a million different ethnic backgrounds are currently living together and sharing their unique cultures with other residents.
Today, the city is known best for its beaches, St. John's River, Jaguars (NFL), Military Bases, and its love of the cultural arts.

There are restaurants, museums, planned events, and communities that routinely celebrates other cultures (City Town Info., 2006). Jacksonville is diverse city, which has learned to intermix with different cultures and beliefs in its community. The River City, welcomes all ethnic backgrounds and races, with open arms.

Spirit of Jacksonville

Humble Beginnings

When the city was discovered in 1816, it was originally named after its first Governor "Andrew Jackson" (Infoplease, 2007). The first wave of settlers, choose to live and work around the St. John's River, which runs through he heart of downtown Jacksonville.

By the late 1800's Jacksonville had become incorporated with businesses and factories of all sorts. Many of the residents began using the St. Johns River and Atlantic Ocean to trade important products. Before long, the city was filled with several ethnic communities, which were a key to developing Jacksonville into a diverse city.

Year after year, more settlers of different cultures found their way south; whether by sea, trains, or horse and buggies. The settlers decided to elect local officials; in order, to speak for the residents and protect their city.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Missing my Lulu


Today, I am missing my baby Lulu, who was my best friend for over 10 years. She did everything with me and now I feel lost. I miss her sleeping with me and sitting with me throughout the day. I am posting this as a memorial to my lovely little princess!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tips on How to Stop Elderly Abuse

This is a woman I found on internet. Let's stop this cruelty together.

Do you have an aging or ill loved one who depends on a caretaker for their basic needs? Did you know there are seniors who are too scared to report the abuse or the abuser? Many are dependent on them for all of their daily care, so they are suffering silently. But, for many helpless victims of elderly abuse, no one will answer their call for aid and protection. However, you have the power to protect your loved one from suffering, while depending on others for basic care.

First, you must learn more about this epidemic and know the types of abuse to watch for. The entire family must work together and take turns as needed. By becoming their caretaker, you are stepping into a stressful and overwhelming role. So, remember don't do it all by yourself, try to involve everyone as often as you can. This way, the entire family can ensure your loved one's safety and well-being. Plus, they will be able to make sure they are cared for on a daily basis.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Origin of Flag Day

The Flag of the United States was first created in September 11, 1777, but the committee first discussed designing the flag in June 14, 1777. The Battle of Brandywine was the first battle where soldiers carried the new flag into a battle. According to the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs (2009), President Woodrow Wilson declared that June 14th as the official Flag Day. Yet, it wasn't until President Truman and Congress acted to make it an official holiday in 1949.

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