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Crystal S. Kauffman is a freelance copywriter, author, poet, songwriter, and business communications specialist with over 16  years of experience. Her chosen pen name is Imogen Rayne, since she first thought of it in 1995. Mrs. Kauffman took a writing course at The Institute of Children’s Literature where she earned a Writing for Children and Teenagers certificate. Then, she earned an Associate Degree in Business Arts (2006) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications (2011) with the University of Phoenix.

Chasing Her Dreams

Currently, she is looking forward to starting a new career in marketing, web content producer, writing for magazines, a columnist, a blogger, or a communication specialist, songwriter, book reviews, or whatever work is brought her way. Mrs. Kauffman loves to learn new things, while helping her clients with all of their communication or business needs. If you need help with any freelance writing project, please contact Crystal for an estimate. 

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Thankfully, she is a thirteen year cervical cancer survivor, whom is blessed with two wonderful children. She has been married to a loving yet wonderful man for ten years. Mrs. Kauffman also enjoys writing for children or young adults in her free time.  She is completely dedicated to making a difference with her freelance work and novels. Furthermore, she hopes to earn her place in the writing world! 

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