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I just love this jewelry and the woman who makes. Learn more about what she does. She is my guest blogger for the day. Every piece of jewelry you buy, a certain percentage goes to help pets in need. Take a look but she has tons of piece and will do custom pieces if she can. She and her partner are cancer survivor with two small kids, so your helping this family when you make a purchase as well.

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Crystal's Freelance Writing Bio and Resume'

Glimpse Into My Life

Crystal S. Kauffman is a proud mom of two young adults, who are busy chasing their own dreams. Her favorite hobby has always been writing, but she first became a published freelance author/poet/songwriter in 1996.

Additionally, as of the year 2003, she became cervical cancer survivor (stage 2-B), which led to the creation of the Laugh at Cancer Organization in 2008 and the Laugh at Cancer Support Community that is currently a page on Facebook.

From 2005 to 2011, she decided to further her education, by enrolling and completing a writing course and then she completed two degree programs in college. She enjoys being with her family and helping others, as well as rescuing homeless animals and fostering them as needed.

Freelance Career

Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman has been completing quality freelance writing projects and designing business communications for online and offline clients since 2003.
However, she did not take freelance writing serious as a career, until June 2007 when she began writing content for online for several websites. She began networking with other freelance authors, who helped her in furthering her writing career.

Currently, she is an seasoned Freelance Author and Copywriter, who has also become a published author or poet since 1996. She individually designs and creates business communications which is able to help the client convey their message about their product. In 2007, she became a newly published songwriter, as well as creating and publishing her own personal blog.

Today, Ms. Kauffman has over sixteen years of freelance writing experience, which makes her a valuable asset to her potential clients. She has been building websites and blogging professionally, since the early stages of her freelance writing career. She decided to further her education, which allowed her to build a career as a freelance author. and other freelance writing services to clients. 

Freelance Services

She can meet her clients communication needs online and offline. Ms. Kauffman will create copy for individuals and small businesses. If you need help with any freelance writing project. Thankfully, many different clients have allowed Ms. Kauffman to complete their projects. Along the way, she gained many clients and she evaluable experience in freelance writing.

She has over sixteen years of freelance writing experience that has helped her grow into an educated author. Ms. Kauffman is ready to work closely with her online or offline clients, as they create the best freelance work that will express their company’s brand or written message.

For an honest yet affordable estimate for your next freelance communication project, please contact Crystal S. Kauffman by email:
Facebook messenger:

Provided Services

Press Releases
Fliers (Online/Offline)
Web Content
Informational Articles
Currents News Article
Inspirational Articles
Motivational Articles
Pets Articles
Ocean Animals
Senior Care Issues
Women’s Health Issues
Greeting Cards
Person5alized Poetry
Poetry for Different Occasions
Social Networking
Social Media
Product Reviews
Book Reviews
Blog Pages
Blog Management
Building Websites

Contact Information:

Facebook Messenger:

Please contact Ms. Crystal S. Kauffman for a affordable estimates on her freelance writing services. project that you may need assistance with whether its online or offline. Thank you for your consideration.

Crystal S. Kauffman’s Freelance Writing Resume'

Blogging-(2007 till Present)  I built my two personal blogs in 2007, but I have rebuilt them many times over the past eleven years. Basically, I enjoy writing on assorted topics and diverse issues. I also manage my blog's guest bloggers and approve the blog postings after they are submitted. However, I currently work as a guest blogger for a couple of different blog owners.

Ghostwriting Ads for Small Businesses Owners (2009-Present) I wrote ads, designed fliers, and created brochures for different business professionals. I worked with the client, so I could clearly convey the company's message through written advertisements and creating quality brochures or fliers. These completed ads are given directly to the client, who generally decided where the advertisement would be used online or offline.

Freelance Writing (2003-Present) Helping clients with online and offline by completing freelance writing projects or advertising projects. Additionally, I helped out with other forms of business communications, whether online or offline. I built websites and created social media accounts, in order to help the client learn different ways of communicating with potential customers. I sent and wrote emails for clients to advertise their products or services with, while teaching the client how to manage their social media accounts. I wrote press releases and web content, which were usually placed on the client’s blog or web site.

Write W.A.V.E. Media (Present Day) I am a network contributor, who enjoys writing on various topics like: animals and crime as well as other topics. I advertise my writing on several social networks and other advertising platforms.

Yahoo! Contributor Network (July 2007-Until Network was Closed) I was a writing contributor on several topics like: wild animals, ocean animals, freelance writing tips, healthcare issues, and diverse verses of poetry. I was responsible for contributing well written articles for publishing within the community’s network. Additionally, I was responsible for marketing my work on social networks and other networks to advertise links to my published content and poetry.

Helium (2007-Closed) I worked as a contributing writer for the Helium Community, until it closed down a few years ago. I created articles on various topics within the writing community. I also rated articles from my peers and entered contests, which I actually won twice. I advertised my own writing links on social media and other advertising platforms.


University of Phoenix
Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 2011

University of Phoenix
Associate’s Degree in Arts of Business in 2008

Institute of Children’s Literature
Freelance Writing Course for Children and Teenagers 2006

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Good Morning Fans

Good Morning Friends and Fans,

    I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer so far, especially those who have dealt with work or school. Here in my neck of the woods in North Florida, we have endured rain and thunderstorms that seem to happen almost daily. Please pray for these workers. I am looking for places that buy freelance writing or content. I will entertain any freelance  job, so feel free to make suggestions of lower paying sites.

I am trying to revamp my freelance writing career, but I need some help learning the current market trends. Also, many places that I wrote for are now shut down. I am having to learn the new market and help me get started.

Thank you,

Crystal S. Kauffman

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Review: The Path of the Child

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer 

©Sojourner McConnell

Book Review: The Path of the Child

Written by, Sojourner McConnell

The author Sojourner McConnell wrote a fantastic story about a girl named Melonie Easton. Throughout the story the author gives you a deeper glimpse into the child’s life. The child was a lonely child, who felt unloved and unwanted. As Melonie got older she began drowning herself into learning new things at school and through reading. As she becomes a teen, her life begins to change in many different ways. She makes a friend and they become close, during a period of new beginnings and tragic loss.

This story is well written and provokes deep emotions that allow you to connect with each of the characters in the story. This author has brought the story and its characters to life in this book. Ms. McConnell has done a fantastic job in making her characters memorable. I actually look forward to reading more books that are written by this author.  

Take a moment to read this book yourself, because you won't be disappointed!

Fantastic book.

Thanks for dropping by, 


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hello Again...Updates

I haven’t been writing lately, due to unforeseen circumstances in my life. I am back and writing when I can, between the many real life obligations I have. I hope everyone has been well and I pray that each person has experienced many blessings over the time I have been away. My latest blessing was given to me on June 1st, 2016, when I was able to rent to own my own place. I am so thankful to those special people who helped me during my transition. You know who you are!

Update on my Novel

My novel Ana’s Stand was supposed to be republished, however my computer got broke and I have not found someone to get the file off my computer. I am working on this situation and writing in my other books as well. I am doing reviews and starting to write articles again. Please take a moment to look at my new work and tell a friend. I am looking forward to earning my place in the writing world…one story at a time!

Update on Momma

My mom is doing well at her new home, but she needs prayer and so do I. She is getting used to the Rehabilitation center and is slowly gaining her strength back. She will be in the nursing home until she is able to fully care for herself again. My mom has been coloring and getting to know her new roommates, who are really nice as well. Her nurses love her and she seems to be flourishing, which warms my heart because it was tough to let her go.

Please keep us in your prayers,

Crystal K.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Update on Momma

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

Momma and Me
©Crystal S. Kauffman

Most of my followers know that I had moved in with my mother, in order to help her because she has health problems like I do. Recently, after 6 years of living together, my mom became unable to care for herself and began falling a lot. So, she has moved into a nursing home, which is near where I am living at now.

She is happy and has made new friends. She and I are working with the new situation, but I miss her so much. I asking everyone to pray for her to continue the journey that she has started towards a new life. I am asking for prayer for me as well, because I am now adjusting to a new life as well.

I love her very much and I am so glad she is getting the care and support she needs. Thank you to all who have been going to visit her.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Saying Goodbye to My Fur-Brother: Gizmo “Old Man”

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, I will be saying goodbye to my “Old Man”.  Gizmo was my Fur-Brother for over 15 years or more. He has been with my family for his whole life, but due to moving and new landlord issues. I had to make a heart breaking decision to re-home him immediately or surrender him to the animal shelter down town. I believe that I have found the best home for him and he will be able to live his life with a family, instead of living in a cage the rest of his life.

I am so happy to have I met his new pet parent by phone today and I told her all about him. I really am excited for him to start a new life, but it is a bittersweet emotion I am feeling tonight. He is a loyal, sweet, and fun dog to love or adore as much as I do. My family adored him as well, because of his laid back personality. He loves playing with cats and other dogs around his size.

Gizmo’s Journey So Far

I have always been his “Sissy”, since the day that he was born to my momma’s Poodle and her Chihuahua mix. He was my granddad’s puppy/dog for many years, until he passed away. Then, my mother claimed him and cared for him. I moved in with my mom six years ago to help her out, but unfortunately both mine and her situation has changed. Recently, mom was placed in a nursing home for health reasons.

Additionally, my husband and I moved as well, but now we have Gizmo with us fulltime. He loves it but my landlord doesn’t. Thankfully, I was given time to find him a very good home. I did my screening and I know that he will adjust well to his new companion. Gizmo and I have a very strong family bond, which will make this a very hard step for me to make. Pray for me that Gizmo, my momma, and I will both have the strength to adjust from this change in our lives.

I have so many memories with him, but he has over last few years he has become partly deaf and partly blind. However, throughout these changes, he has literally stayed right by me and my husband. I will miss him so much every day, but I know deep in my heart that he is getting a new pet parent that will love him as much as my family has. Thank you for the prayers people has sent out on his behalf, in order to guide to the best home for him.  

I will keep in contact with his new pet parent, until he crosses the rainbow bridge.

To Gizmo: Sissy loves you always and you truly hung the moon. Thanks for the sweet and special memories that we have shared along our dance together.

Sorry to be so emotional

Thank you stopping by,

©2016, Crystal S. Kauffman

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

His Kiss

By, Lilly Maxwell, Guest Blogger

©Lilly Maxwell
He hugged me,
Came closer and kissed me.
He kissed me in the most passionate way,
I’ve ever been kissed I felt my mind go blank.
My stomach went to knots,
My heart was pounding against my chest.
I loved the feeling and I never wanted it to stop,
I really like him and I know he likes me too.

©Lilly Maxwell

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why Did God Create You?

By, Crystal S.Kauffman, Staff Writer

             Many people wonder why God created them, but the Bible says we were all created for God’s pleasure. I couldn’t wrap my own head around the fact that God made me for his pleasure. I am a sinner who doesn’t deserve God’s mercy or grace. How could God get pleasure for my sinful ways? Everyone sins and fall short of God’s glory. However, through Jesus, we can be forgiven of those sins.

Rev. 4:12 (KJV) “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for Thou has created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

This verse means a lot to me, as someone who truly tries to remember every day to somehow bring God pleasure. I love writing, so I use my talent to try and make sense of my everyday stumbles. Sometimes, I feel like God is right there holding my hand but other times I feel he is distant. However, I truly believe that my sin blocks my relationship with God and I choose to repent. I know I am forgiven when I stumble and fall. He is there to lift me back up, because he loves me.

Psalms 72:13 (KJV) “He shall spare the poor and needy, and shall save the souls of the needy.” 

So, now I try to take time to honor God every day. No matter the storm I am facing, I am trying to remember to pray and stay connected with God. I love reading and listening to my Bible, but I use a YOU VERSION app on my phone. I have been learning more and trying to always remember to thank God for each new day that I wake up. I am imperfect and I know that, but God wants me as I am. He can mold me into what he wants me to be with each new step.


Personal Opinion

*I cannot go to church as regular as I want, but I spend a lot of time praying and seeking God’s guidance in my life. God gives me so much, I can spend time with God at home and I can work on my failures. I hope this devotional can help you in your walk with God. Keeping a prayer journal can help you learn how to give your problems to God and learn how to pray to him.*

 Thank you for reading and come back to visit.

©2016,Crystal S. Kauffman

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sneak Peak: Ana's Stand Cover

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman

Have you gotten a chance to meet Ana? Let her inspire you to take your own stand against bullies, school violence, and violence period. This book is perfect for teens and adults. Follow this young girl’s dramatic journey. 

Coming out this month. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Afraid to Love

By, Lilly Maxwell, Guest Blogger


Love left my heart,
I hated being alone and torn apart.
I cried each night and people didn't know,
Then, I saw him.
Love was slowly creeping back in,
I'm afraid to let it in.
I'm afraid of getting left behind again.
I've been hurt so much.
I'm afraid to love again,
He's my best friend .
I want to let him in.
But I'm afraid,
I'll get left again.
©Lilly Maxwell, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Reallife Orphanage Home: Meet Four More Orphans

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer  

Meet Daphine

This three-year-old, young adorable girl is named Daphine and she is looking for a sponsor to help her receive her daily care and food. Little Daphine lost both of her parents and she has been with our orphanage for over sixteen months now. She is happy and well adjusted so far, but she has but she has big dreams. She wants to become a lawyer when she grows up and help others who may need her help. She enjoys dancing, playing with her dolls, and she enjoys visiting the local zoo. Her favorite meals are rice, chicken, Irish potatoes, and her favorite flavors of ice-cream.

Meet Varnessa

Varnessa is five-years-old and she has spent two years in the orphanage, since losing her father to HIV/AIDS. Her mother also had HIV/AIDS and she could no longer provide for this beautiful little girl. She is studying in primary 1 and dreams of one day becoming a doctor to help others who are sick. Varnessa needs a sponsor to help provide her daily needs and help her stay in school. She enjoys singing, dancing, visiting the local zoo, playing with friends, and she loves watching cartoons. She also enjoys rice, chicken, fish, nuts, sweets, ice-cream, and biscuits. 

Meet Juma

This sweet little boy is named Juma and he is eight-years-old. So far, he has never had an opportunity to go school, which is why he is in need of a sponsor that can provide daily needs and help him finally achieve his dream of attending school. Before coming to the orphanage, He was found sleeping in car garage and that is where the volunteers found him. He was in need of help and he didn’t know who his parents were, but he is well adjusted. He loves playing with his friends, football, and riding his bicycle. He love eating maize, fish, matooke, chicken, and ice-cream. He wants to enroll and succeed in school, so when he is older he can become a master mechanic.


Reign is a lucky little girl, so many volunteers cal her Lucky, because she was lucky to survive the house fire that killed her parents. This adorable little girl is called “Lucky” Reign and she is three-years-old. She needs a sponsor to care for her daily needs and eventually help her go to school, so can work on TV in the future. She loves singing, playing with friends, visiting places, and she love creating artwork. Reign enjoys rice, matooke, meat, fish, Irish potatoes, sodas, sweets, ice-cream, and biscuits. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Meet Some Special Orphans Who Need Sponsors

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

© Kakande Muhamad

Meet a Volunteer: Kakande Muhamad

I am Kakande Muhamad and I am a volunteer, who is running the Reallife Orphanage Home. I am a native thirty-two-year-old, who is currently caring for twenty children. Additionally, I am working with several volunteers to care for these lovely children. Some of these children have lost their parents in the war, some were abandoned, and others lost their parents to illnesses like HIV/AIDS. These children are vulnerable and need sponsors to get the daily food, as well as medications or school items.

Our Mission at the Orphanage  

As volunteers our mission is to provide, love, support, and daily care for the vulnerable children in the slum communities near our orphanage. Our long term goal is to find each child a permanent home and someone to love them. Currently, we need sponsors that can help us keep the orphanage open, as well as help provide these children with their daily needs. We need food that will not perish like beans, maize, rice, and other foods that help nourish these precious children.

How I Began Helping These Special Kids

I was born and grew up in Bwaise neighborhood which is a slum, but during this time I saw many children die for many reasons. I have seen children thrown into water channels or drainage systems, which hurt me deeply, because these poor children died. Unfortunately, I have also seen other children living in old broken down houses and along the streets. These children would sleep wherever they could sleep and I wanted to do something to help the orphans in my own community.  

After seriously soul searching, I decided to open an orphanage, which does not turn these vulnerable children and babies away. However, I need to have sponsors to help me keep the orphanage open and caring for these special children. We must pay house rent, as well as get the daily things children need like food and bathing supplies. The children’s sponsors will also help buy clothes, mosquito nets (Malaria Protection), medicine, and educational needs.  

Meet Baby Hope

This little girl is fourteen-months-old and she is known as baby Hope. She is currently living at the Reallife Home Orphanage and no one knows who her parents are. Sadly, baby Hope was found late at night and she was lying curled up next to a toilet in a Kampala, Uganda neighborhood called Bwaise. This run down neighborhood is known for prostitution and sex workers. She was alone and desperately needed help, so the volunteers brought her to the orphanage, but at this time she doesn’t have a name.

Therefore, I have chosen to call her baby Hope and the volunteers need help with someone to sponsor this beautiful little girl. As a sponsor, you will make sure she eats daily and gets medication when she is sick. Baby Hope deserves to be happy and cared for, even though she has had a rough start to life. She is now in the care of volunteers, who want to help her live a long happy yet full life.  

Meet Simon Mugerwa

This is Simon Mugerwa and he is five-year-old boy, who is one of our special orphaned children. Unfortunately, Simon lost his father in 2014 and his mother could no longer care for this handsome little boy. He is a happy little boy, who has dreams of being a doctor, so he wants to get an education. However, he needs a sponsor that can help him realize his dream, due to the required school fees.
Simon loves to play with his friends at the orphanage, he loves the volunteers, and he enjoys riding his bicycle. 

Additionally, he loves watching cartoons and he is a very energetic little boy, who is full of love for everyone. Currently, he needs a sponsor that can help us get him into school, as well as helping with his daily needs like food and medication. Therefore take a moment to learn more about Simon and his friend baby Hope.

Contact Information

Any sponsors who may want to help our orphanage or sponsor a child, please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page Reallife Orphanage Home. We have limited internet contact at this time, so bear with us as we hope to grow and make a difference in the lives of these special children. We are hoping to build a website and other ways to help you learn more about our orphanage. The children and I send much love, peace, and light to you all. May God bless you!

© 2016, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: I will be featuring different special orphans who need sponsors, so please please come back and meet the new children. I am posting the orphanages papers.