Monday, December 26, 2011

Elderly Parents and Illness

When our aging parents begin to get ill, it is time to make the right decision for their care. Ask them what they prefer, once they are unable to care for themselves. Sometimes, they will need round the clock care or just a little help daily. Once this happens, families must split the care or decide what nursing home is best. Most families must decide how to handle the financial aspects of their aging parents care.

PS....Keep praying for my granny please!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Determining What Your Aging Loved Ones Truly Want

Your parents require respect and compassion, like any other human does. So, don't assume that you know what they want or need. Just ask them, most likely they will tell you exactly what they want and how they want it. However, be sure to use a friendly tone, in order not to upset them. As your parents get older, begin to discuss what they will want for the future. Today, many people struggle with addressing what their parent's wishes are, because the neglect to ask them.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stranger Danger for Children

"Children are a gift from God" Most parents say, but they are defenseless. Many predators look normal and are around your child daily. Is it that a friend that you met at the local library, a couple weeks back? Could it be the clerk at the grocery store, your child speaks with each week? Maybe the new neighbor is a registered sex offender. You can't tell if someone is dangerous, just by looking at them. They can be anywhere you go, however you haven't been told. What can you do to keep predators away from your children?

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Do you want it to spend some time with your child and do some thing fun? Do you want to show someone how much you love them? Then follow these simple ideas for some homemade fun that you can do with your child. Your child will enjoy the special time and appreciate the gifts they have made.
1. Bookmarks of Love:
• Self-laminating sheets
• A small photo
• A hole punch
• Construction Paper
• Glue
• Glitter
• Yarn
• Scissors 
• Colored markers
Project instructions: Begin by picking out your favorite color construction paper. Then, cut out two-three inch and six inch rectangles from the construction paper. Next, cut a small hole in one of your rectangle bookmarks. Cut your picture down to fit the rectangle bookmark. Make sure your face is showing through your small hole in the bookmark.
Decorate one side of each book mark. Color a neat design or write something special. Now, glue the photo to the uncut, uncolored side and glue the bookmark with hole on top, after aligning the picture. After, cutting down your self-laminating sheet down to the size of you bookmark. Carefully apply the laminate, punch a hole in the top to add a tassel made of yarn. Finally, cut the yarn into six inch pieces or to your desired length.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eyes Like Mine

Staring at an image of your face,
My brother was born in first place.
Looking at the image of me,
It is my twin brother I see.
Eyes with the same shape as mine,
My brother is the only link to a time.
Mistakes we both have made,
Built up hate and anger replaces the pain.
A bond broken many years ago,
Now, it is hard to let our love show.
Getting past the way we feel,
Is this the only way our bond can heal?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Information About the Bull Shark

In the shallow part of the ocean, near the beach you will find this hungry Bull Shark looking for unsuspecting victims like surfers and swimmers. This species of shark is aggressive and account for most shark attacks across the coast lines, like Florida or California. According to the National Geographic Society (2011), the Bull Shark orCharcharinus lecuasis known for being a carnivore and the world's most dangerous shark out of all of its cousins like the Great White Shark or the Tiger Shark. The shark is larger than a human, so it may mistake the swimmer or surfer for a food and take a bite.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grow Your Business

Do you need help writing a press release for your new or growing business? Does your website need web content or articles about your company, as well as a biography of yourself? Are you looking to spruce up your resume, a speech, or write letters?

If so, I can help you with all of your writing needs. Writing is my passion, so allow me to assist you with all of your freelance work or projects. For a full list of the writing services I provide to my clients, please visit the Services tab on my website.

For special writing projects contact me with the details to receive a quote.

 Let me help you grow your business!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Patricia Eichelsderfer: Missing girl in Palatka

Police are searching for a missing girl named Patricia Eichelsderfer from Palatka, Florida. According to Causey (2011), the beautiful brown haired and brown eyed girl is five feet tall and weighs about ninety pounds. Patricia was last seen leaving “Interface”, which is a “youth shelter”, which is located at “2919 Kennedy St.” in “Palatka”, FL. 

PS: Help us bring her home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Should elderly patients be cared for by family members or by health care professionals?

Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit.

Create a Plan
First, the entire family should discuss their aging loved ones health care and make a plan, which can be instituted once it is needed. One family member may become the fulltime caregiver, while other family members come by and help as needed. This will give the full-time caregiver a break, as well as peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe while they run errands. The entire family will transition into their new roles, by discussing and creating the plan before the emergency.

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Information About the Basking Shark

   The basking shark is considered the second largest fish or shark, when compared to the whale shark. This gigantic creature is also known Cetorhinus Maximus by scientists and researchers who collect vital information from these animals. Thankfully, they do not prefer to eat humans instead they filter feed, just as the whale shark does. They are slow moving and an unusually large mouth. In which they filter feed.

They are not dangerous to humans, because the giant shark is usually enjoying using its wide mouth to eat plankton. They have gills which filter out the items that they don't want, while allowing them to eat all the plankton that they want. These giant sharks can measure up to 33 feet long and the shark can weigh up to 4 tons. The most common names are the big-mouth shark, sun-fish, bone shark, and elephant shark.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Laugh at Cancer Support Community’s Mission Statement

laco community on blog

Laugh at Cancer Support Community was founded by Crystal S. Kauffman in 2004 after surviving a battle with cervical cancer stage 2 b. This support community is located online and local support groups are available in Jacksonville, FL. We are currently working on receiving our Official 501 c 3 status, but we have a long way to go still. Our mission is to help all families facing cancer's touch and restore hope in all families who have faced this disease.

In addition, we will provide encouragement and support to all families facing cancer, as well as yearly projects and fundraisers. We shall strive to provide awareness and information online and offline to our members. Our organization wants to make a difference in the lives of those families who have been devastated by this disease. We believe that laughter and positivity is a vital tool for families when facing the uncertainty what tomorrow may bring.

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Fall Brings the Family Home

The trees and leaves around my town,
Are changing colors to orange and brown.
The families are getting ready celebrate, 
Holidays which happen on a certain date.
Every year the families will gather together,
Spending time with each other despite the weather.
Children will hunt for candy on Halloween,
Some will even get so frightened that they scream.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Help Us Bring Joy and Hope into the Lives of Others


This year, I am personally working with a local nursing home or rehabilitation center with about 300 patients are currently living there. Help me bring some joy to the patients at Christmas time, by donating small gifts and throw blankets. Also donate some old Christmas cards and sign them with your name only. Write patient on the front and Christmas on the back. With others helping me, I cannot possibly help all of the patients, so let's make a difference together. The director of activities mentioned that the patients without families could use Christmas gifts. I asked if I could gather up fleece blankets for these patients and stated that that would truly be a blessing

I would love to make their Christmas brighter and full of hope, by giving them something that they truly need like blankets or small gifts. You can also choose to put together a shoe box full of personal stuff like deodorant, toothpaste, body lotion, and other items they may need. If you can help, please contact me for more information about the project the Laugh at Cancer Support Community is getting involved in.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

All About Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are a majestic beast, which fascinates scientist and tourist alike yet many misunderstand this gentle giant. Learning more about this species of shark will help people begin to understand that the whale sharks are not dangerous.
The whale shark is also known as the Rhincodon typus, which has been confirmed as a largest fish in the entire world. Scientists and tourist have chosen to go scuba diving with these majestic creatures, yet they found them to be docile and nonthreatening to humans.

The whale shark is the largest species of shark in the world, which has been on this planet for millions of years according to scientists. The largest recorded whale shark was 40 feet in length, but some say they have seen whale sharks that are about 60 feet long. They are also known as the largest species of this on earth and can weigh over 20 tons. However, despite their massive size, they are generally known as gentle giants.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help Complete the Flight 93 Memorial: Donations Needed

Most Americans know that the passengers and crew of United Flight 93 are heroes, due to the brave actions that each displayed on Sept. 11, 2001. That morning their plane was hijacked by terrorists who were coordinating a surprise attack on America. Several passengers and crew attempted to take the plane back from the terrorists, once they learned about the previous attacks that had already happened that dreadful morning.
Two planes were used to attack both of the World Trade Centers or Twin Towers in New York and the third plane was used to attack the Pentagon in Virginia. Some federal officials believe that United Flight 93 was going to attack the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC. However, the brave actions of the passengers and crew caused the hijackers to abort their plan of attack. Instead, they crashed the plane in a rural area in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
Now, ten years later, the site of the crash has become a national park and a memorial to the heroes that fought back and all who lost their life. A 17 ton boulder now marks the spot where the plane crashed at 10:03 a.m. killing 182 passengers and 7 crew members. The beautiful memorial for United Flight 93 has been built for the tenth anniversary, but a spokesman stated that they needed 10 million dollars to completely finish it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Play Second Life

About three months ago, I stumbled on to what I thought was a game, because it looked similar to the popular games made by SIMS. I downloaded the game, but was surprised to discover that it is more than a game to many players. After a month of playing, I learned that Second Life allows each of the individual characters or residents to interact through electronic chatting or voice chat. Each player can interact with those, who are also sharing the same destination that they are visiting.

What is it?

Second Life is more like an amazing experience than a game, since a visitor's imagination can build anything in this virtual world. The players or residents can teleport to many different places, as they interact with the other players. Each virtual destination will allow the resident to interact with new players, who frequent or are visiting the places. In addition, the 3D virtual world allows a person to meet residents from your city or all over the world.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Save Time and Money by Storing Your Families Medical Records at Home

Many medical doctors and nurse practitioners are recommending that patients or caregivers keep copies of his or her medical records at home. The patient and the doctor can avoid dangerous prescription interactions or misinformation caused by lost medical records. The MedTrakker Medical Organizing System can store copies of vital documents, just in case the original documents are misplaced or destroyed by a natural disaster.

Keeping up-to-date medical records are vital to helping doctors understand a patient’s previous medical history. Additionally, doctors and nurses believe that patients can help eliminate wasting precious time, during a life-threatening medical emergency. Storing copies of the patient’s medical records can save money and time, since the patient will not have to repeat costly tests or procedures. However, patients who have a chronic condition like cancer or diabetes can show a specialist what treatment they are following.  

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finding Discovery Park

One autumn day, after school my twin brother Thomas and I noticed that our family’s dog was not outside on his chain. Nooksack usually barks or howls at us, once we step off the school bus in the afternoon. He will continue barking, until he gets the attention that he is craving from us. I thought that my step-dad might have moved him inside the house, before he went to work. After searching the house, my brother and I realized that Nooksack was missing.

I was beginning to worry when my confident brother suggested that we walked along the naval base in Seattle, WA. I was literally stumped on where he could be, because normally he would chase our school bus whenever he broke his chain. As we walked the neighbored, my brother and I gave out his description to the other kids we passed. We knew he liked all children, since we were about to turn ten years old on New Year’s Eve.

     “Where could he be!” I thought to myself.
     “Let’s go check the nature trail. Nooksack is used to us walking with him in that area.” Thomas suggested.

Nooksack was a dark brown and tan German-Shepherd mix, who was born different colored eyes. His left eye was light blue and his right eye was a dark brown, which made him unique. I was getting frustrated and sad because we couldn’t find him, but my brother was sure we would find him. I continued calling his name, as my brother continuously whistled for him.

We walked down a winding hill, until we reached a path which was lined with wild flowers and apple trees. My brother decided to grab a couple of the green apples for us, as we continued walking along the trail. I stopped to pick some wildflowers for my mom, as Thomas handed me an apple. I stuck my apple in my pocket and we continued looking and calling for him.  

In the distance, we saw a small wooded trail, which lead deeper into the woods. My brother and I were sure we had never seen it before. At first, I didn’t want to follow the new trail, because I was worried about getting lost. However, my brother assured that he knew the way back to our home. As we approached the trail, I noticed a large set of paw prints, which belonged to a large dog like Nooksack.

I knew that the paw prints could belong to our dog, so I became excited and showed my brother what I had discovered. He suggested that we follow the paw prints and the new trail we had found. Not long after we set out on the wooded trail, we came to a clearing and found a wooden gate. The gate was made of two totem poles with carvings of animals and a sign that read, Discovery Park in bright yet bold yellow letters. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Angel Abigail

I met my beloved puppy, who I named Abigail on my fourteenth birthday after her mother Brandie gave birth to her on my bedroom floor. She was a golden-red German Shepherd, Chow, and Akita mix puppy. She was so tiny that she fit in the palm of my hand, yet she was such a beautiful puppy. Immediately, this adorable newborn puppy that had captured my heart.

My family and I rescued her mother Brandie after finding her at the local convenience store one night, which was around the corner from my home. She was starving and lost, so my family decided to adopt her. A few months before my birthday, I had made an appointment to get her spayed. However, I discovered that Brandie was already pregnant by my neighbor’s purebred Akita,

On my birthday or New Year’s Eve, I left to babysit for a friend of mine while they ran a few errands. Brandie was lying on my bedroom floor and she looked like she didn’t feel well, once I returned home that night. I screamed for my mom with tears in my eyes, when suddenly she gave birth to a beautiful light brown puppy. She gave birth to another light brown puppy, which was almost identical to the first puppy.

I was witnessing the blessed miracle of life through this dog I had rescued, but I was amazed and grossed out at the same time. For a few minutes, I massaged her back as she rested after cleaning the first two puppies. My mom and I thought she was finished, so I was about to get up. Suddenly, she began having another tan and brown colored puppy, which look just like a pure bred German Shepherd.

I stayed with Brandie, as my twin brother came in and began admiring the tiny newborn puppies also. My mom and my little brother were building a make shift bed for Brandie and the new puppies, when she began giving to a tiny golden-red puppy. The last puppy was smaller than the others were, but she was the most adorable puppy I had ever seen. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet Author Imogen Rayne

About the Author:

My name is Crystal Kauffman (Pen name: Imogen Rayne). I am a Freelance Author with 14 years of experience behind me. I have published over 500 articles online and offline, since I began my writing career. I enjoy using my talent to help small business owners, who need help with their everyday business communications like press releases and articles. I also enjoy making fliers and brochures, as well many other forms of business communications. For more information about my writing services, please visit:

Currently, I live in Jacksonville, FL with my husband and my three children. Personally, I am an eight year cancer survivor, who loves to write. Therefore, for the last five years, I have been using the talent God gave me to create and maintain a support network for those touched by cancer. The Laugh at Cancer Support Network is for patients and families touched by cancer, who has been touched directly or indirectly. Visit our support network, if you would like to help make a difference or if you are in need of support.
Laugh At Cancer Support Network

Published Work

Rhymes of The Heart- This is an uplifting and inspirational collection of poems. These rhymes come from my heart, throughout the good and bad times I experienced. I believe many of my readers and fans can relate to the poems I have written. Additionally, ten percent of each purchase will benefit the Laugh at Cancer Support Network.

Samples of My Work:

A Woman On a Mission to Put a MedTrakker in Every Home: Amber Bowden’s Story

Aromatherapy Makes Scents to Soothe and Heal:

The Well BabyTrakker is the New Ultimate Baby Book for Expectant Mothers

Life Interrupted

This is not my car, but this is what it looked like!

It was a typical March morning for my family, as we were getting ready to head out to the local flea market across town for our Saturday getaway. Suddenly, my fiancĂ© came rushing into the house and he announced that my car had been stolen. I was so angry and shocked; I didn’t understand that someone had actually stolen my car right out of my own driveway. Once, I gathered my thoughts, I called the police to report that my car had been stolen and await their arrival.

I decided to ask my all of my neighbors, if they had noticed someone around my car or if they seen it leave throughout the night. My next store neighbor stated, “I heard your car start and leave at three in the morning, but I thought you left in an emergency...I’m sorry!”.

After the police arrived and took my statement, they began taking each neighbors statement as well.

 The police finished getting everyone’s name and his or her statements, as I decided to sit on my porch and wait. I always thought that I would hear my own car start in my driveway, however I never heard it start or pull off that night. Besides, I never thought anyone would want to steal my little red 1993 Dodge Shadow, but evidently someone did!.

PS: Thank you to all who are reading and commenting on my articles. Your opinion and helpful advice are appreciated in anyway...Hugs!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking the Stress out of an Emergency with MedTrakker

The MedTrakkers are more than just a medical record keeping system. They enable patients and caregivers the ability to empower themselves, by giving them the tools and knowledge to be proactive in their healthcare. In a serious or life-threatening situation, the family members can become stressed out and worried about their loved one’s medical condition.

After calling for help, the Emergency Medical Technicians will need to ask the family members for information regarding the patient’s condition and their medical history. The MedTrakker ‘personal medical record keeping’ organizing system will help the family members easily find the answers, which they will need to give to the emergency personnel.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Help Me By Reading My Work

Dear Beloved Readers,

         Recently my grandma, broke her leg and will need to remain in rehabilitation center for a month or two. Unfortunately, due to high gas prices, this has put a strain on my family's ability to see her as often as we want too. I am asking my readers to please consider reading my work at Yahoo Contributor Network and Helium. This will allow me earn a little bit of money, which will help me and my family be able to see my grandma regularly.


Here is a poem I wrote about her:

A Grandmother’s Love

From the day we met, so long ago,
You've helped and watched me grow.
From a stubborn little girl, who knew it all,
To a dumb teen, which took a fall.

Dealt with my pain to pride each day,
Until, I grew up and went away.
I quickly came back to return to you,
Always loving what you do.

Now, my best friend is sitting here,
Cherishing all that I hold dear.
A relationship that I can't forget,
Your love became my safety net.

She has always helped me, when I call,
My Grandma has endured it all.

 Copyright 2009, Crystal S. Kauffman

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Interested in Aromatherpy....Meet Serena

Serena Gibson is an aroma-therapist and candle maker, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband. She is a mother of two small sons, who support her creativity and they enjoy giving her new ideas to consider adding to her growing collection of products. She owns a Russian tortoise as a pet, which is a special part of her family. In 2006, right after the birth of her youngest son, she began making candles but she wanted to tickle her customer’s senses. 

Serena decided she wanted to learn more about creating different scents to mix and match with her candle creations. She enrolled in, and completed a course in becoming a certified aroma-therapist, in order to master the skills she needed to create candles with enticing aromatic scents. Mrs. Gibson takes pride in creating new unique products, which each of her customers will cherish. She enjoys being creative and thinking outside the box when creating her sweet aromas for customers.

Mrs. Gibson began creating different custom creations of candle and aromatic scents, due to the effects she felt personally. She began feeling anxiety and stress from the demands of becoming a new mom, since the birth of her newest son. However, with her training and knowledge, she decided to try using the aromatherapy instead of prescription medication. She believed her family, friends, and customers could also benefit from the aromatherapy treatment that she was creating for herself.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Plea to ALL Casey Anthony Trial Watchers

Dear Readers,

       I have watched this case from the beginning and I was not shocked by the verdict handed down by the jury today. I feel the MURDER case was not proven and some many inconsistencies among some witnesses made it hard to believe what they said. I believe this family has been harassed, threatened, and rake through the coals long enough. I feel this jury weighed the case and spoke up about what evidence and witnesses that were presented. 

We as a public need to respect that! I don't condone her behavior in anyway, but we cannot threaten her or her family. This makes us no better than what we may think of her, so please respect the Anthony's right to privacy and safety. From the videos I saw...Caylee loved her mom and she loved her. George, Cindy, and Lee loved her as well. Instead of getting angry, please pray for this entire family. 

I felt from the start that it was an accident and a attempted coverup, due to fear of her lifestyle and/or drug use. Yet, Casey is very hard to read due to lies and stone cold demeanor, but it is not our place to judge her as the public. But, NO ONE lived in her shoes but her and we have no idea what truly happened that fateful day. She was convicted by MEDIA for so long and millions have been watching since the media for reported her disappearance.

Instead of given her the chance to stand trial and then speculate on how we feel. I feel that she has to live with whatever she did for her entire. Personally, I am appalled by death threats given to the Anthony family and the possible threats of violence by search volunteers. Protestors need to leave the family alone and let them truly grieve. It is insane to act this way...let God be the judge! God knows what happened and he will judge her. 

(Sorry this is my opinion) Please know I respect everyone's opinion, but I am asking everyone to stop acting in violent ways! Let this family have the privacy that they have not had for over 3 years now. What if you were in their shoes? 

Light a candle for Caylee and her memory. Please stop taking your own children out to protest and to see possible violence by protestors. 

Rest in Peace Caylee...You will forever have our hearts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kitten's Batteries Ran Out

This is my new kitten named Isomer, which is a dragon in one of the fantasy novels that I am writing in my free time. I loved the unusual sound of his name, plus the first part Isom was my grandfather's name.

The night after my best friend brought him to me, I took this picture. I looked up and he was playing with the chair leg. Suddenly, I looked up again and his batteries had died, because he was sleeping while sitting on his bottom. Isomer was holding on to the chair and sleeping, which I thought was completely adorable. 

I thought this was the cutest picture, but please excuse my floor. We used recycled wood from a building we tore down on my grandfather's old property. This allowed us to fix up an old storage shed attached to the house, as a family den. Now, I must find flooring or carpet to put down over it, so it will hide the mismatched boards.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you like my new kitten as much as I do.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Understanding Responsiblities of Exotic Snake Ownership

Python (Not My Snake or Picture)

The Burmese Python and other exotic snakes have been getting bad press coverage lately in South Florida. I have decided to investigate the actual meaning of being a responsible owner of one of these exotic snakes. I found many interesting website that will educate a new snake owner. These snakes need special types of housing and care, so the new owner must be prepared to accommodate their growing needs.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Graduation Day Experience...CLASS OF 2011...I did it!!!!

My Aunt and I after ceremony concluded.
Today, was an amazing yet emotional day for me, due to the journey I have endured to get to this point in my life. It was not easy getting my degree, but I know it has and will continue to change my life in ways I cannot even imagine at this point. The morning started out stressful, due to getting ready for graduation. During the time I was getting ready, I was also dealing with getting my son and niece ready as well.
Suddenly, I got my heartbroken by my mom, my grandma, and my twin brother because they cancelled on me. One of my nieces was with me, so I was thankful that she was going at least. My son and my husband were excited, but I felt sad my daughter couldn’t go due to prior commitments with band practice. Then, I managed to get over the heartbreak and let my best friend, Nicole, help me get ready by doing my makeup and my hair.
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My neice, my son, and I.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Orlando's Secret Gems

What does the enchanted city of Orlando have, besides the happiest place on earth? As a visitor, you will find an adventure of a lifetime. Be sure to bring a friend, who can experience the magic with you. Did you know that you can play and swim with real live dolphins at Discovery Cove? Are you interested in exploring, all that Orlando has to offer its special guest? Would like to learn how to sky-dive, with the help of Sky Adventure?

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Road Trip Ideas in the US for Seniors

Have you been dreaming about swimming in the vast ocean or sunbathing on the beautiful coast of Florida? Are you buying an RV and packing it all up, so you can travel during your precious Golden Years? Do you long to go on a relaxing yet fun vacation, where you can collect shells or walking along the endless white sandy coast? If so, check out Florida's beautiful yet unique beaches that line three sides of the state of Florida

The coastline is full of scrumptious beachfront restaurants and other local attractions for you to enjoy, as well as places to shop for souvenirs. Imagine yourself dancing with your spouse or walking hand-in-hand on the beach at dawn. Additionally, you will get to experience fine dining is restaurants that have diverse menus and overlook the ocean. Throughout the Sunshine State, you will find many historical landmarks and learn about Florida’s early history.  

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who Should Care for an Aging Loved One?

Granny and my daughter Miranda...Clowning around!
Families should be the first choice in caring for an aging loved one, since the loved one will recuperate better in familiar surroundings. The entire family should be given a voice, on whether he or she will become a full-time caregiver. However, a reality is that some families are unable or unfit, so the hospital would be the proper choice in these circumstances. If a family is willing to care for their loved one, the aging member actually benefits for the closeness of the family unit. (Read More)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Review of Nopalea from TriVita

Have you heard of a nutritional or wellness drink called TriVita? I tried this drink recently for inflammation in my back and it helped me. I don’t have the money to continue purchasing it, but I do think this company is on to something. The drink helped me by reducing the pain I felt in my lower back due to inflammation, since I experienced radiation treatment. My experience with this product called Nopalea was that it tasted delicious and it helped ease the pain I felt. Not completely, but I did feel a difference, so I would recommend trying this out for yourself. Therefore, I thought I would let you check it out and see what you think about this company.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

MedTrakker...Personal Medical Record Keeping System Enables Individuals To Keep Their Medical Records At Home

Did you know that every person should keep his or her medical records at home? It is vital for all families to keep a copy of their individual medical records, but remember they should be updated often. Your medical records can help or hinder you in many ways like getting health insurance or even a new job. In addition, you may need to provide your medical records in an emergency or at a new doctor’s office.

The different types of MedTrakkers are valuable to families, who may want to begin gathering their healthcare records. It is never too late to start being proactive about your family’s health care and their medical records. This personal medical organizer can help a family during an emergency, which is when stress levels are high. Additionally, this medical records keeping system will help parents document vital or health related information about their child as well. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Graduation Ceremony Approaching

I am excited to finally be walking for college Graduation on June 4th, 2011. I will be celebrating my big day with friends and family. I earned a Bachelor's in Communication and I am currently going for a Master's in Business Administration. I want to publicly thank all those who believed in me, even when I did not believe in myself.

My children and my husband have helped me get this far and I am walking in the ceremony to honor each of them. I hope you will raise your glass with us, as we celebrate a big accomplishment in my life. I look forward to walking and holding my head up high, because I earned it!

I am a Phoenix!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Traveling with the Universal MedTrakker

All patients can use the Universal MedTrakker Medical Organizer, whenever they want to go traveling. This unique medical record keeping system will allow the patient to carry his or her medical records with them. Additionally, this personal medical records keeping system allows the patient to document his or her medical history and allergies. The MedTrakker also allows the patient to list his or her daily medications, as well as other vital healthcare information that may be useful when traveling.

The Universal MedTrakker is perfect for someone who is interested staying proactive or document his or her own personal healthcare information. Furthermore, this valuable personal medical organizer can help alleviate stress in an medical emergency. The medical organizer is perfect for families with children, because parent’s can document any vital or health related information about the child in his or her own personal MedTrakker. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today, I learned my son DJ wants to be a zoologist because he loves animals. I think it is a neat career choice and I will fully support him in pursuing it. I believe he will make it as a zoologist because he loves animals and is always wanting to help those that are hurt. 

However, my daughter Miranda surprised when she announced that she wants to be a marine biologist. She loves animals to, but she also loves to swim. So, should be a good choice for her as well. I feel blessed to have children who love animals and want to help them in anyway they can. I do believe that they will follow their dreams, no matter what obstacles arise.

Young Love

This Royal Couple has been in love, since they met almost nine years ago at college. I was first intrigued by the couple's wedding plans, but later I became more intrigued when I learn the facts behind their romance. 

I think it awesome that this couple managed to stay together, despite the constant turmoil that the couple faced. I hope that the paparazzi will leave them alone especially Princess Catherine. In addition, I hope that Princess Catherine and Prince William will find a way to keep their love alive for many more years.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Xenophilia Kicks in for the Royal Wedding Around the Globe

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge First Public Kiss as Newlywed Royals on April 29th, 2011

Most people in the world has waited for the royal wedding of Prince William Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton since the engagement was announced. The happy couple will now be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from this day forward. Many people from many different countries tuned in to watch the service whether by television or the internet. This hype and media coverage allowed people to watch their favorite or even not-so favorite royal couple say.."I will"!

Some many people from different countries, lined the street to participate in the wedding of the couple who will be the future of the British Monarchy. I couldn't believe that millions of people flooded the circle where the Goddess of Victory statue stands. Just outside of the Buckingham Palace's and it has a nice view of the balcony Balcony where the royal couple shared their first Royal Kiss in public as husband and wife.

I was one of those people who watched the entire event and even enjoyed the surprises along the way. I am excited to follow this love story, just as many other people from around the entire world like Australia or Africa. Many people from USA like me could watch it from the comfort or our own home, as well as participate in local events that allows people to feel as if they are part of the wedding.

I had a lot of fun and wonder what was your favorite moments, because mine was the double kisses. I really felt that the royal wedding was romantic yet elegant,  as well as a fairy tale coming true for Miss Catherine Middleton and Prince William Wales.

I pray the Royal Couple have a long and happy life together! In addition as husband and wife.

Footnote: Xenophilia means the love of foreigners and I think the entire world felt this way for Britain.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wading with the Duck

On a hot day this past weekend, my daughter decided to slip on her swim suit and go swimming with her duck...Quackers! She enjoyed playing with duck while I took pictures, until the duck slipped out of her hands. She ended up chasing the duck all over the yard to catch her again. 

After catching him, she decided to let her swim with her for a little while longer. However, the duck had different ideas, so she ended up putting her back in the coop. I love her duck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Unbelievable Day

Aunt Donna and the little ones

Today, I celebrated Easter with my children, my husband, and my adopted Aunt Donna's family. We had a fantastic time and I felt right at home with her family. I took pictures and I got to hold Tristian Rose, who is a girl twin that belongs to my Aunt's oldest son. When I was younger, I used to baby sit him when James and his little Brother Andrew was little  My children and I had a wonderful time, so did my husband who got to help cook.  

I love my adopted Aunt Donna and her family for taking me in as a family member during their holiday celebrations. Thanks to their example, they have showed me exactly what true family celebrations are all about. My family never celebrated any holidays, so I couldn't miss something I never did during the years as I grew. However, now that I have experienced several holidays with her family, I feel truly blessed to be loved by them all.

 I wanted to posted this blog to say thank you to my Aunt Donna for loving me all these years.

Me and Tristian Rose

Our Easter Celebration

My Family 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thomas: My Twin Brother

This is my twin brother Thomas and his little boy Stone. We had a interesting relationship as we grew up, because we both wanted separate identities. Now that we are older we are very close and I hope to stay that way. I wrote a poem for him years ago, when our relationship was broken and needed major repairs. I thank God everyday that we were able to fix and repair our relationship, so we can begin sharing our life together.

Eyes Like Me

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Staring at an image of your face,
My brother was born in first place.
Looking at the image of me,
It is my twin brother I see.
Eyes with the same shape as mine,
My brother is the only link to a time.
Mistakes we both have made,
Built up hate and anger replaces the pain.
A bond broken many years ago,
Now, it is hard to let our love show.
Getting past the way we feel,
Is this the only way our bond can heal?
Help me try to turn the page,
Let us start acting our age.
Adults with responsibilities of our own,
I need my friend, I lost for so long!