Tuesday, March 1, 2022

My Heart Belongs to You


Loving you is different and special for me,

So much has begun changing you see.

Holding me throughout my terrors at night,

My eyes now see a beautiful sight.

Knowing this love will never fade or walk away, 

My heart flutters knowing I can trust you in every way.

Taking me to places I have never even dreamed, 

Because a lover was never even what it seemed. 

Brightening my dark and lonely world with truth, 

Understanding the pain of all that was in my youth. 

Gave me a life that I never believed could be true,

Just because, I met and fell in love with the man I call you!

You walked into my life and sensed my pain,

Nothing in my world will ever be the same.

You lit up my heart with a smile and a kiss, 

When your gone, its your love that I miss.

Finally I can hold my head up high,

Never will I let our love begin to die. 

You made me feel special once more,

Just by rocking me to my core. 

Written by, 

Crystal Amon

Copyright 2022


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